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when the world is an aquarium, for emberberry

Title: when the world is an aquarium
For: emberberry
Pairing: baekhyun/sehun
Rating: pg-13
Length: 5165 words
Summary: college au. Sehun witnesses the decline of one brilliant, unsung Byun Baekhyun. trigger warning: suicide

Sehun felt like a newcomer in a new city.

Of course that wasn’t right. He had lived in Seoul his entire life, but he was experiencing it as another person.

It was a relief to be done with high school and entrance exams. He was excited to finally be at his destination. Sehun liked exploring the campus, but he knew that he had only scratched the surface of what the surrounding area had to offer.

So far, he learned that there was a nice, mellow coffee place not too far from the university. The House of Beans provided wi-fi, abundant sitting space, and a small breakfast and lunch menu. The cafe also had the best lattes in the district, which easily made it a college student favorite. Against the wall across from the counter, there was a small, plain stage. In recent weeks, they occasionally had live entertainment.

Sehun ambled through the door after class one day to a rich, dulcet voice singing EXO-K’s “What Is Love.” He sat down at an empty two-person table in the middle of the cafe, tossing his backpack on the floor and mindlessly stirring his macchiato.

The singer had an impressive stage presence—or maybe it was just the dramatic facial expressions and hand gestures—Sehun thought as the boy ran long, lithe fingers through his chestnut hair and down his cheek.

“How would it be if we were together? Yeah.”

The singer’s eyes locked with his for an eternity of three seconds.

Uncomfortable, Sehun broke from the intense gaze and glanced around him. Everyone else was in a different world—working on laptops, reading textbooks, writing in notebooks, and conversing with friends. He looked back up at the vocalist, whose focus was still on him.

“Only if you say okay, everything is perfect. Oh baby…”

He probably had a really attractive expression on at that moment, gawking like an idiot, so he attempted to smile, corners of his mouth quirking upward hesitantly. The boy on stage half-grinned before beaming at him so sincerely that Sehun felt his cheeks redden a little. He suddenly decided that his coffee was very fascinating and demanded all of his attention.

Sehun reached down into his bag and groped for something, coming up with his chemistry notes and a week-old assignment. He splayed them on the table, attempting to appear occupied. When he deemed it safe to look up again, he gave the singer the twice-over—a military green cargo jacket, gray t-shirt, jeans, eyeliner, and an ardent singing face.

When the song was over, a few people tuned in to give applause. Sehun clapped as well, trying to appear only mildly interested.

“Thank you!” The vocalist bowed before putting the microphone back on its stand and sauntering off the stage. The wide-eyed employee from the cash register met him half-way, throwing an apron at him and then walking him back behind the counter. They seemed pretty familiar with each other, chatting away like old friends.

Sehun lifted his cup to his lips and found it to be empty. He wasn’t exactly sure when that happened, but stood up and went to toss it into the trashcan. As he sat back down, he tried to remember what homework he had to work on when a cardboard coffee cup slid beside his right hand.

“Another fat-free carmel maccihato, on the house.”

Sehun looked up to see the singer at his side, smiling brightly. He had a really nice eye smile. It lit up his whole face and a ten foot radius around him.

“Oh, uh...thank you.”

“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” the vocalist said, putting a hand on the table. With his thumb and index finger, he turned Sehun’s week-old calculus assignment right-side up. “Byun Baekhyun, barista by day, secret agent by night.”

“Um... Oh Sehun. Procrastinating freshman by day, regretful insomniac by night.”

Baekhyun laughed; Sehun started feeling a little more confident at that.

“My shift ends at four. We should hang out or something.”

“I... I’d like that.”

Baekhyun was a character.

He had such a way with dramatic reenactment that all his stories of boring everyday happenings were the most hilarious things Sehun had ever heard. And somehow, despite their uneventful lives as students, they always ended up talking for hours and having more fun than they should just hanging out.

A week later found the two at McDonalds under the pretense of grabbing a late dinner and studying. During one of their many breaks, Sehun acquiesced to pose for and take ridiculous selcas with Baekhyun. Luckily, they were hidden in an alcove at the back of the restaurant so that the normal bystander wouldn’t be able to see them and judge.

Sehun got up from his seat from across Baekhyun and sat next to him, watching over his shoulder at his phone as Baekhyun went through all the stupid pictures they took.

“Ahh, delete that one! I look absolutely high,” Sehun whined.

“Then it’s definitely going to be my new wallpaper!” Baekhyun smirked, holding Sehun back with one hand, fingers working quickly. He only chuckled at Sehun’s petulant pouting, arm hooking around his shoulder and reeling him in closer.

Sehun let himself be manhandled. He had gotten to know that Baekhyun was really touchy-feely, a hand always somewhere, as if he needed to constantly reaffirm Sehun’s presence. Not that Sehun minded; he was a pretty clingy person himself. The knowledge that Baekhyun clung to him as much as he clung to Baekhyun gave him an odd feeling of comfort mixed with the persistent sensation of butterflies.

Sehun buried his head in the crook of Baekhyun’s neck, inhaling his scent. The smell of skin and a hint of an unknown cologne. The hand on his shoulder disappeared, reaching up to mess up his hair. Making an indignant, garbled sound, Sehun jerked away. Baekhyun just cackled at that, too.

He reached for Sehun again, hand settling on the junction of his neck, fingertips light and ticklish.


Without eyeliner, he had a soft, almost childlike face. And yet, he still managed that unnamable intensity Sehun had seen a week ago on stage. His eyelids lowered slowly and he was moving in at a relaxed pace, but to an anxiety-riddled Sehun, space and time had no meaning.

All he could do was sit there paralyzed, heart straining to get blood to his brain so that thought was a possibility as Baekhyun closed in, lips pressing against his. He was undemanding at first, but then began to suck and nip at Sehun’s lower lip encouragingly. At some point, Sehun’s thought processes were in operation again and he started to respond, reluctant in his inexperience.

Baekhyun pulled back, giving a short, almost nervous laugh.

“I knew this was going to go one of two ways. Either you were going to push me away...” His lips were a breath away from Sehun’s. “Or kiss me back.”

“Barista, secret agent and now you’re a psychic, too?”

“I’m a multitalented person.”

“Ah, so what do you see in my future?”

“How about I show you?”

Baekhyun leaned in again and Sehun met him halfway.

“Amateur? Are you kidding?”

“An amateur isn’t just someone who’s bad. An amateur is also a nonprofessional. I don’t get paid. The only reason Junmyeon lets me up there is because I asked and I work here.” Baekhyun nodded toward the empty stage as he wiped down the counter.

“You make it sound like he’s doing you a favor,” Sehun said after a thoughtful sip of his drink. Baekhyun was few years older than him and got 50 percent employee discount, so he started treating Sehun to his daily dose of caffeine, who was enjoying every minute of it.

“Yeah... That’s the tragic life of the artist. No one appreciates you!” Baekhyun made a weird theatrical gesture with his hands. Sehun was glad that the cafe was closed so no one was around to see the dorky night-shift employee preform Shakespeare.

“Well, I think you’re really great.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was apparent from the beginning.” Baekhyun quirked his brows suggestively.

Sehun felt his cheeks heat up, but tried to give his best unamused face.

“I tried out for a lot of the entertainment companies. But after a string of failed auditions, my parents stopped supporting me. They told me I need to make a living, so now I’m muddling my way through med school.”

“That really sucks. I’m sorry.”

“Nah, it’s fine. Not your fault.” Baekhyun shrugged. “Want another?”

“I’m alright. It’s almost eleven, I probably shouldn’t.” Sehun shook his cup to gauge how much was left before lifting the cover and downing the rest.

“So... Do your parents know?” Baekhyun glanced out the window almost as if he didn’t really care to hear the answer.

“Know what?”

“About you...and boys.”

“Oh,” Sehun said eloquently. “No, I was waiting until after high school. And now I’m just kind of...waiting. My mom’s been stressed lately because of financial stuff, so I don’t want to bother her when she’s already got a full plate.”

“I see.”

“What about you?”

Baekhyun laughed and Sehun’s high stool trembled a little when he nearly jumped because it was dry and bitter, nothing like he had heard from Baekhyun before.

“My dad doesn’t think it’s a real thing. My mom thinks it’s a mental illness... Well, they’re also racist too, so what can you expect?”

“Are they a bit older?”

“Yeah. My brother’s seven years older than me, so they’re up there.”

“Old people. Close minded, racist, and the loudest ones on the subway,” Sehun said, attempting to lighten the conversation.

“Aha, right? Ajummas and ajusshis are always the ones pushing, shoving, and yelling on their cellphones.”

“Mostly because they don’t know how to use their cellphones or that cell reception is practically nonexistent in the tunnels.” Sehun was rewarded with that brilliant smile again and he just wanted him to always smile like that, painfully genuine, like he couldn’t help it. He leaned up and covered Baekhyun’s lips with his own, as if kissing him would keep that beautiful smile on him forever.

Baekhyun met him eagerly, clever hands running through Sehun’s hair and stroking his scalp. Sehun was panting, constantly on the verge of catching his breath, but never quite reaching it. When fingertips dragged across his chest, brushing a nipple, he recoiled with a sharp turn of his torso.

“Sorry,” he said between heavy gasps for air.

“That’s alright. Is this your first...?”

“First...?” There was a flare of panic in Sehun’s eyes.


Oh. Yeah. Um, you?”

Baekhyun muttered something that sounded like no, but Sehun wasn’t sure. He frowned and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Hey, don’t look at me that!” Baekhyun leaned forward on the counter, gaze flickering between Sehun and his empty coffee cup. “It wasn’t like...that.”

“Then what was it like?” Sehun winced at his forwardness. “I mean...you don’t have to tell me, but...I...” Unable to finish coherently, Sehun settled on pretending to watch night traffic through the window.

“His name was Chanyeol. We were really good friends in high school and...” Baekhyun shook his head and started again. “We were together for a few years, but it was never going to work out. He cared too much about what other people thought. He had already decided that he would just live the life everyone expected of him.”

Baekhyun put an elbow on the counter and rested his head on his knuckles. He gave an annoyed, disappointed sigh.

“I always had this little hope in my heart that I was important enough to him that he would choose me...and then everything else wouldn’t matter... But I guess I wasn’t worth it.”

You are, you are, don’t ever think otherwise, Sehun thought, but he had only known Baekhyun for two months. He settled instead on saying, “Okay, this Chanyeol should have made a clear decision instead of keeping you hanging on like that.”

“I think it was more of me not wanting to let go.”

“Well, the huge loss was entirely on his part. You deserve better,” Sehun said with conviction. His hand found Baekhyun’s, intertwining their fingers. With his other hand, he pointed at himself and mouthed me with a smirk.

Baekhyun smiled, but it was all wrong because his eyes were sad. Sehun wished he could think of something else comforting or funny to say, but the only clear thought in his mind was his resolve not to falter the way Chanyeol had. Sehun often failed with words, but he hoped Baekhyun understood him—in the way he held his hand, the way he said his name, and the way he looked at him like he’d never want anyone else.

There were bad days early on, writing on the wall that Sehun was too blind to see.

Being a college student was hard.

Everyone had his or her own way to survive and stay sane until a degree and diploma, but Baekhyun was different. Sehun thought he had no coping method at all and just suffered the side effects of the grueling Korean education system.

A few days every month, it would become rather apparent in faint dark circles, headaches, and fatigued movements. And every so often, his grades slipped or his workload piled up, which led to a very irritable Baekhyun.

Sehun sat down at a four-seat table in the back of the House of Beans near the couches and lounge chairs after being told that he didn’t know how to order Baekhyun’s omelet and to respect his elders. He knew it was best to wait and let Baekhyun cool off by talking to Kyungsoo. He just wished he had been more prepared or that it wasn’t so early.

A few minutes later, Baekhyun arrived with their breakfast. He took the seat next to Sehun and began devouring his food right away.

“Are you okay hyung?” Sehun asked, testing the waters.

“I’m fine.”

“You sure?”

Yes.” Baekhyun’s lips were pressed into a tight line as he mutilated the remainder of his omelet.

Sehun guessed that he was about a level six, really pissed off. Saying the wrong thing could push him into the realms of levels seven and eight, which could be potentially disastrous. So Sehun moved back his chair and put his hands on Bakehyun’s shoulders. Slowly, he began kneading the muscle and working out the millions of knots. After a few minutes, tension began to visibly disappear from Baekhyun’s back.

“Sehun?” Baekhyun was starting conversation. A good sign. “Thanks.”

Sehun simply hummed into Baekhyun’s neck and wrapped his arms around the other.

Byun Baekhyun in four words: wonderful, gorgeous, and wildly unhappy.

Sehun rolled over to shut off the alarm on his phone around five in the morning.

His alarm went off twice after that before he realized someone was calling him. When he picked up his phone, Baekhyun informed him that they were skipping class. He rattled off the list of items Sehun needed for their impromptu outing, told him where they’d meet, and hung up.

Sehun arrived at the platform when a man in sunglasses holding a small cooler made a beeline for him. It took him a minute to realize it was Baekhyun.

“You look ridiculous. You know it’s overcast today, right?”

Baekhyun shrugged cutely and replied with, “I like them.”

They took the subway to Incheon Station and from there, a bus to the ferry terminal where they boarded a ship that took them to Seungbongdo. There, they waited for a second boat to take them to the smaller island of Saseungbongdo. Sehun was relieved when their journey was over because they struggled to behave in public; Sehun entertained himself by continually trying to steal Bakehyun’s sunglasses and Baekhyun in turn, would exact revenge by poking and punching Sehun when he wasn’t looking.

Sehun laid out the towels on the sand and put on his jacket before sitting down. The air was cool and the island deserted in late fall.

“I thought a day at the beach was in order. And I had an essay due that I didn’t finish, but that’s beside the point,” Baekhyun said, reaching into the cooler and pulling out a couple cans of beer and gimbap in square containers.

“You’re such a rebel.” Sehun took the food and chopsticks Baekhyun handed him.

“You know it!”

They had a good time eating their light meal and watching the waves lap at the shore. Sehun begged Baekhyun to sing for him. It took little provocation before Baekhyun’s lilting voice was ringing out his own improvs of S.M. the Ballad’s “Hot Times.” Despite his stunning performance, Sehun burst out with laughter at Baekhyun’s attempts to rap.

“Can you just sing for me? All day, everyday?”

“That’s gonna cost you.”

“And I would pay the money. Seriously, you don’t need to be an idol. Aren’t there other ways to make a living with singing?” Sehun asked, putting up his hood to shelter himself when it started drizzling.

“Not many. And then there’s the issue of job security and a consistent salary.” Baekhyun collapsed next to Sehun, partially landing on him. Sehun pushed him off and repositioned himself so that he was facing Baekhyun.

“But you’re so...amazing.”

“It’s a dead dream and I need to stop mourning it because...”


“Because of fucking reality.” Baekhyun couldn’t meet his eyes. “Sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. I mean, my life's not that bad. Why is it so hard to be happy?"

A beat.

“Are you kidding? That’s like, one of the hardest things to do. No one’s ever happy enough or happy for long although everyone strives for it.”

Another pause.

“This is topic is too depressing... Let’s talk about you. I just remembered, you never told me your major!” Baekhyun rolled onto his back and folded his arms behind his head.

“I haven’t chosen one yet.”

“Do you have any idea? C’mon, there has to be something you absolutely love. Hobbies, interests?” He nudged Sehun with his foot.

Sehun pondered the question for a while. Finally, he said, almost unsure, “I sort of dance.”

“Then dance for me, Sehun,” Bakehyun said so softly that Sehun knew he couldn’t deny him.

Sehun stood up and walked a few steps in front of the towels, ignoring the discomfort of sand between his toes. He moved his limbs languidly at first. Slow, fluid movements like romance and the lingering thrill after a rush of adrenaline.

When he decided he was done, Baekhyun clapped enthusiastically but said nothing.

“I know I’m not that good, you don’t have to sugar-coat it,” Sehun said, dropping back onto his towel, also full of sand much to his annoyance.

“You’re a little rough around the edges... Like an uncut gem.”

“Uh, that’s-”

“What’s another word for uncut?”


“No, that’s not it. Un...un...” Baekhyun knit his brow as he fished for the right word. “Unpolished. You’re an unpolished star.”

“What? I don’t-” Sehun was interrupted when Baekhyun pounced on him.

“Only my opinion matters here! You definitely have potential. Don’t think that you’re not special, because you are.”

Their foreheads touched.

Sehun used his weight to reverse their positions. Baekhyun didn’t seem to mind, fingers on Sehun’s hips, playing with the belt loops of his jeans.

"Don't go forgetting me when you're rich and famous, alright?" Baekhyun said from beneath him, leaning up to close the gap between them with a wry smile.

Things seemed to gradually get better. Baekhyun smiled more, bad days dwindled to the occasional bad day, and they fell into a familiar rhythm.

But of course, it was a fragile equilibrium. Life couldn’t afford to spare them a little happiness.

Sehun was spread out on his couch idly watching the news as he waited for his mom to return from grocery shopping. He and Baekhyun usually ate out somewhere, but that day they went to library, so Sehun’s mom had to run out to the store for dinner. As he changed the channel, Sehun heard a knock at the door. Before he even got up, the knocking turned into frantic pounding.

When he opened the door, there was Baekhyun, distraught and anxious.

“Can I—?”

Sehun stepped to the side and Baekhyun immediately brushed past him, pacing in circles.

“They found out. I have no idea how, but-”

“Who? Found what out?”

“My parents. They know...about us.”

“A-are you okay?” Sehun looked Baekhyun over, searching for bruises or any sign of physical injury.

“Yeah. I... Can I stay here for a few days? Would that be okay?”

“Yeah, stay as long as you need. What... What happened?”

“I came home and my mom waved me into living room. My dad started yelling when he saw me and kept getting louder. My mom tried calming him down, but then he started swearing. They’d shout at me but then they’d argue with each other about me while I just stood there. My dad knocked over the centerpiece and said, ‘I will not have a fag for a son,’ and that’s when I left.”

Baekhyun took a deep breath.

“And do want to know what the funniest part was? My mother asked me, ‘How could you do this to us?’ as if she couldn’t believe that I had made this horrible choice that would hurt them so much.”

“Okay, no offense, but they’re idiots. They don’t have a right to feel hurt. You know that.”

“I know, but still... I...I-” Baekhyun lowered his head to the side and Sehun pulled him close.

He deserved so much more, more than Sehun could give him, but all he could offer him right at that moment was a shoulder to cry on and a bone-crushing hug for a brief interval short of forever. Baekhyun shuddered in his arms, whimpering quietly. Sehun hoped it would be enough as he pressed kisses into Baekhyun’s tousled hair.

It was almost idyllic.

For a week, they stayed up late playing video games and hung out in Sehun’s room a lot, where Baekhyun’s stuff was strewn across the already chaotic expanse. Sehun became so accustomed to stepping around heaps of clothes and controllers that he felt wrong when he came home to neatly packed bags placed near the front door.

“Are you sure?”

“I think so. They said they just wanted me back home. I don’t know how the talk will go but... I think they’ll at least listen to me. We’ll see how that goes...” Sehun was fairly certain that Baekhyun couldn’t have been less convincing.

“Well, just know that you’re always welcome here. My mom loved having you. Or rather, she loved having someone else to cook for.”

“Yeah, thanks again. So... I’ll call you when things settle down.” Baekhyun opened his mouth as if he were going to continue, but seemed to decide against it, smiling weakly.

He didn’t hear from Baekhyun for two days, but thought nothing of it.

At six in the morning, Sehun’s phone rang as he scoured the refrigerator for food. He expected Baekhyun and another spontaneous escapade, but he didn’t recognize the number nor the voice on the other line.

“Oh Sehun?”


“This is Do Kyungsoo. I...am Baekhyun’s friend. I think we might have met once.”

Kyungsoo’s sounded off. Sehun could hear, despite his polite tone, there was some intense underlying emotion seeping through.

“Uh, hi. You work at the House of Beans, right? What’s up?”

“I don’t know how to...I can’t even believe it myself, I...”

“Is something wrong? Is Baekhyun okay?”

There was a long pause and then a strained intake of breath on the other end. Sehun felt his heart clench and tried to brace himself mentally but—

“Sehun, he... Baekhyun... Baekhyun is dead.”


“I’m sorr-”


“They found his body—”


“—ang Bridge toda—”

Sehun hung up. He wanted to throw his phone at the wall, but only stared at the screen as if he could will the information in his missed calls to disappear. Baekhyunnie <3 Today 12:07AM

He tried calling back, but it went straight to voicemail four times.

Baekhyun’s father slammed the door on him.

Ten seconds later, his mother let Sehun in. She mustered up enough breath between sobs to say, “Second door on your left.” Sehun seized his chance and walked quickly down the hall. In the kitchen on the left, he noticed Baekhyun’s father with his back to him and the harsh lines of his back and the veins of his fists, on both sides of the sink.

Sehun realized that he had never really been in Baekhyun’s room - maybe only once or twice briefly when he needed to grab something before going out.

Everything was a frozen piece of time, all his worldly possessions like displays in a museum. Sehun walked over to the bookcase and discovered that the shelves were occupied by large science fiction novels and sagas of fantasy. He looked around and saw a huge SNSD poster above the bed and wondered how he never noticed it before. And for some reason, that made him sad, and suddenly, he felt like for as close as they were, the Baekhyun he knew was still a stranger, holding back and hiding from him.

There was so much he didn’t know—would never know.

On the desk atop a pile of miscellaneous items, there was a sheet of paper that caught Sehun's attention. He picked it up and seeing nothing on the page, flipped to the other side.

Sehun -

Below were a few lines of words written and erased so many times that the paper was thin and rough to the touch. And then—

Thank you. I’m sorry I

Sehun recalled a particular soccer game from a year ago.

He was advancing towards the goal with the ball when he collided head-on with a huge player from the other team. The impact forced all the air out of his lungs as he hit the ground and the player fell on top of him. It hurt to breathe as he gasped for the oxygen he desperately needed. As others gathered around him, he could only labor to inhale slowly and fight back the tears wetting his eyes. It took forever until the ambulance arrived and every second, he felt like he wanted to die.

Three broken ribs. The EMT had told him he was a trooper for not fainting.

He had been naive enough to call that pain.

Baekhyun’s mother came in hours later and sat on the bed, gently shaking him awake.

“You should probably go home now, ” she said softly. Once Sehun sat up, she left and he was grateful for that because his eyes were probably still red and he could feel that most of his face was covered in the residue from dried tears.

Sehun glanced around the room and wondered whether Baekhyun’s parents would let him come back. It was completely unfair. They were the last people who should keep anything of his.

Once Sehun was on his feet, he retrieved his backpack and unzipped the main section. He folded the letter and put it between the pages of a textbook. He grabbed some shirts, books with the most worn bindings, everything on the nightstand, and a few other things that could fit in his bag.

They took Baekhyun from him, so he would take what was left of Baekhyun from them.

It was little consolation.

He had the CD of covers Baekhyun made for him on repeat and immersed himself in a routine that maintained some semblance of normalcy. Sleep, eat, go to class, do homework, study. It was easy pretending he hadn’t seen Baekhyun in a while because was school getting in the way.

His mom left him alone for the most part, once in a while shooting him worried, motherly expressions.

“Why don’t you go out tonight with some friends?” she asked one night.

It was an empty suggestion.

Sehun was shy and didn’t make friends easily; he had been glad when Baekyhun approached him at the beginning of the school year. When they became more than friends he unfortunately ignored developing any other part of his social circle.

Not that it mattered, anyhow. What could friends do for him? They would merely be distractions to help Sehun forget. But he didn’t want to forget—he wanted to remember every moment they had together perfectly because he was the only one who could. There was no one else to remember with him.

Sehun spent the greater part of winter searching for something tangible of Baekhyun to hold onto, but all that remained were fragments of a human life.

After exams ended, Sehun started to feel a little better. Or rather, he got used to Life after Baekhyun.

He stopped going to the House of Beans because it was hard not seeing Baekhyun on the stage or behind the counter. He would, however, make an exception to visit with Kyungsoo. They had bonded in their loss and talking about Baekhyun was sort of therapeutic for both of them because not talking about him felt as if they were acting like he had never existed.

There was an ongoing list in his room of the songs he wanted Baekhyun to cover and one of the pictures they took at McDonalds in his wallet.

Sehun showed up at a weekly audition for SM Entertainment on a whim, musing about how dreams were too beautiful to let die. He danced his heart out freestyle for forty seconds and nearly went into cardiac arrest when he was asked to stay after.

As soon as he was outside the building, he whipped out his cell to tell Baekhyun—when he remembered the number was out of service.

He texted him the good news anyway.

Two interviews, three auditions, and one persuasive, rehearsed speech to his mother later found Sehun looking lost in a practice room filled with seasoned trainees, spread around the room in small groups. Many of them were sneaking glances at him and probably talking about him like a gaggle of middle school girls.

A tan boy about his height sauntered over to him.

“So you’re the new kid. You any good?”

“I like to think so.”

“How old are you?”


“Well, if you really work your ass off you might make it. They’re planning for a new group to debut in a couple years.”

The boy extended his hand.

“Kim Jongin, resident dancing machine.” Sehun grinned at his introduction and shook his hand. Jongin’s voice was a bit too confident, hands a little too big and fingers too thick, but he had kind eyes and a nice smile.

“Oh Sehun, unpolished star.”

a/n: i hope you like it emberberry! title taken from the lyrics of “Tide” by Tablo.
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