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SUMMER2012.Thank you notes&masterlist;

The Summer 2012 round is officially over! Never underestimate the power of google docs and spreadsheets, my friends. Writers, feel free to crosspost, repost, or do whatever you desire with your fics.

I hope everyone enjoyed the exchange. Through runandgun, I’ve managed to meet wonderful people and make great friends. Hopefully, everyone has found awesome authors to follow. The turnout was overwhelming, and I thank every author for the work and dedication they put into each fic. Thank you to the authors who met the original deadline, met their extension deadlines, responded to us, tolerated our reminder emails, or simply stuck with us til the end. It’s been a bumpy but fun ride. Thank you to everyone who participated by writing, reading, commenting, or simply being here. As a community, we wrote a total of 706,500+ words for the exchange. I tried to read as many fics as I could, but I’m sure every single fic was wonderful in their own way.

Please give a round of applause to our wonderful and amazing pinch hitters: goldengutgirl, leadernim, sparksfly7,
chaltyr, maayacola, officiallykris, feixing, emberberry, zeerious, snow_wood, hyperlydian, virgo288, loudestoflove, nisakomi, and windowright, and taozi. Special thanks go to our double pinch hitters, who each wrote 3 fics for the exchange: nisakomi, chaltyr, and maayacola. ♥♥♥ To everyone who stepped up to the plate and made this exchange possible.

The next section is completely biased but necessary. I cannot thank everyone enough: Aeris for the handholding, E for helping us sort the assignments, Maia for her nimble fingers and constant enthusiasm, June for her vigilance and excitement, B Jiejie for her support, R for all the virtual tea and bubble baths sent my way, Jo for being the Krislay campaign manager as r&g slowlyquickly turned into the xinglu/krislay/kailu/rare OTP exchange, and A for bearing my teasing tweets. General thanks goes to my t-list for constantly cheering me on as I foamed at the mouth and seethed at my laptop screen. Lastly, I want to thank Thea for being my lovely co-mod and helping me power through the last stretch of the exchange. In this world, nothing is impossible to us!

(Now excuse me while I hibernate.)


Chiha’s covered it all mostly, so suffice to say - a huge thank you to all you lovely writers who participated and made this exchange possible, the pinch-hitters who saved the day, and the pinch-hitters who turned fic in multiple times - WE LOVE YOU ALL. This is also the largest fic exchange I’ve helped organise. While it was overwhelming at times, and we both went from :Db to e___e to u__u and vice versa a lot - it was definitely quite the experience. ;D

Several people have asked about the timing for the next exchange. There will be no exchanges held for the remainder of this year. However, both of us are strongly considering a Winter 2013 round for Valentine’s Day. :)

Thank you J, J and L for all the handholding, E for helping us sort the assignments in the beginning, my tlist for their constant encouragement and enthusiasm and of course, Chiha, my best co-mod, for without her I’d have already combusted. LOL.

Happy reading! ♥

Day 1: Friday 17th

Breathe Slow for portaldice by loudestoflove
Joonmyun is so busy looking after everyone else, but who looks after Joonmyun?. PG. Suho/Kai/Kyungsoo, Kai/Kyungsoo. 5,800.

All Things Bright and Beautiful
for suzetteisblue by jirettai
There are worse things than having to play host to your famous ex-boyfriend and his entourage. Yixing just can't think of any off the top of his head.. PG. Lu Han / Zhang Yixing , mentions of established Byun Baekhyun / Luna. 18,000.

Endgame for exollent by grisclair
Sleeping with the lover of East Asia's most dangerous arms dealer wasn't one of Oh Sehun's brightest ideas.. NC-17. Kai/Sehun. 16,313.

i dream of you in colours that don’t exist
for razi_a by bluedveins
the world’s a small place, and lives intertwine as easily as counting to three.. PG-13. Lay/Chen, Kai/Kyungsoo, Joonmyun/Kyungsoo, Sehun/Luhan. 3,780.

Wonderwall for halcyondusk by leadernim
With the “trial of the century” in his lap, Defense Attorney Park Chanyeol already has a lot of things to handle. Sleeping with the prosecutor had (unfortunately) not been on his to-do list. . R. Kris/Chanyeol; minor Kai/Suho. 8,000.

caramel apples; butterflies and the meaning behind it for everyone by envybleedsgreen
se hun says lu han’s too old for candy, but lu han begs to differ; se hun thinks that what he’s found in lu han is what makes the world go round.. PG; PG-13. hunhan. 1,962; 1,300.

Working Boy for solitair by stadiumsea
Chen is an assassin because he has nothing better to do. Kai is a ~working boy~. There is a fair amount of blood.. NC-17. Chen/Kai, minor Xiumin/Tao. 20,539.

Voice of my Heart for Everyone by alaeaureae
Lu Han is a meddlesome friend and Yixing insists he's happy with his life. But life happens in the most unexpected of ways, and Chen is nothing if not unexpected. Chobits!AU (Note: the section dividers are links to the chapters of 'The City With No People'). G. Yixing/Jongdae. 21,000.

Day 2: Sat 18

Borderlines for one_if_by_land by maayacola
When Jongin and Lu Han are chosen to travel through China together for a TVN reality show, Jongin certainly isn’t expecting things to get so complicated . PG-13. Lu Han/Jongin, OT12. 19,600.

The Spaces Between Us for seeeno by emberberry
Xiuhan, side Baekyeol. PG. Xiuhan, side Baekyeol. 7,895.

a beautiful stranger for xxbbq by dustyfairy
it only takes seven days to fall in and out of love.. R. Jongin/Sehun. 5,800.

you don’t have to be a superhero for ubomb by nisakomi
misfits!au: youth these days have enough on their plates. between parties, drinking, and sex, lu han really could have done summer vacation without the community service. much less the superpowers.
. NC-17. xinglu, baektao, krisyeol. 10,460.

Heart of the Galaxy for yeolbear by geniebsmart
G. Lu Han/Lay. 13,716.

americano don’t flow here (only canadian and caramel) for maayacola by portaldice
A good texting hand is the key to being a supervisor in Minseok’s little college café, and while this means Yifan’s inept when it comes to dealing with customers, he’s pretty good at sorting out the staff. Or rather, the things going on between staff.. PG-13. ot12 friendship with taoris, baekyeol, sukai, hunhan. 6,000.

A wishing well and a bolt of electricity for angela_derp_otp by gabucha26
College AU. Kyungsoo has dealt with a longtime crush on his childhood friend. When he finally confesses will things turn out the way he had hoped?. Rating. PG-13. 5,702.

Head Full of Doubt, Heart Full of Promise for sparksfly7 by chiharu
Two years after EXO disbands, Yixing returns to Seoul to attend Joonmyun’s wedding. Future!fic. . PG-13. Kris/Lay. 7,300.

Day 3: Sun 19

lost in transition for sunlit by one_if_by_land
Alternate reality where Lu Han doesn't get scouted that day in Myeongdong, and S.M. follows their previous production pattern to debut EXO as a 6-member boy group in 2010.. PG-13. Lu Han/Sehun. 3,700.

Guessing Games for chaltyr by exollent
Band verse. In which Kai and Chanyeol have a pathological need to compete with each other and Sehun plays the reluctant diplomat. . NC-17. Sehun/Kai, Kai/Chanyeol, Sehun/Chanyeol. 4,160.

on a friday night for sphexed by my_midevilmind
Sehun and Luhan spend their friday night on the soccer field. Yixing and Chen spend theirs in the parking lot.. PG-13. Hunhan, Chenlay. 4,029.

but such lip service can’t move my heavy hips for lahaela by yeolbear
Sehun leans back in the comfort of his bed and thinks, remember EXO Planet.. PG. Sehun/Jongin, Lay/Kai. 3,319.

why like this for itachibana13 by hyperlydian
In which Baekhyun is a classical pianist with social anxiety problems and Chanyeol has no major.. NC-17. Chanyeol/Baekhyun (side parings: Jongin/Kyungsoo, Wu Fan/Zitao). 13,800.

If I didn't say it, we'd still have it for Everyone by nighttimefalls
Chanyeol sees Baekhyun glow, but he doesn't know Baekhyun sees him burn brighter than any fire in this world.. R. Chanyeol/Baekhyun. 3,364.

There’s Still Time to Lose for Everyone by hotarumyst
It might be the year 2425, and Kai wakes up on a lab table, smelly faintly of formaldehyde, gasoline, and tree. PG-13. Kai/ Lu Han. 15,159.

長江後浪推前浪 (each new generation excels the last one) for 921227 by grapefruitade
Junmyeon concocts a spontaneous plan that results in Minseok (who has an affinity for the paranormal) traveling to China. PG. Xiumin/Lu Han. 6,975.

Day 4: Mon 20

accretion for silchild by minwhore
Byun Baekhyun was just expecting a summer fling. He ended up getting something more. NC-17. Chanyeol/Jongin/Baekhyun. 19,000.

masquerades for seulpeo by maayacola
Dr. Byun Baekhyun’s life turns upside down when he meets Agent Park Chanyeol, and his partner, Agent Kris Wu, and gets plunged into an unexpectedly dangerous adventure. PG-13. Baekhyun/Chanyeol. 25,000.

a clock is ticking (hidden far away) for alaeaureae by ubomb
PG-13. Kai/Jongdae. 13, 945.

imaginary expectations for geniebsmart by taemin_knees
Minseok just goes with the flow. “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are”. PG-13. friendship!Xiuhan. Xiumin-centric. 6,000.

the way it goes (like this) for Everyone by lazychaoz
PG. Suho/Kris. 5,830.

el dorado for snow_wood by natsudive
El Dorado is a place for second chances. Loosely based on the film Wristcutters: A Love Story. NC-17. Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Kyungsoo. 7,000.

running blind and naked (in a brave new world) for shadow_fictions by zeerafuu
The apocalypse has come and gone. Time to grub in the ashes. NC-17. Kris/Tao, Lay/Chen, Luhan/Sehun and minor Kris/Luhan. 8,500.

Day 5: Tue 21

we’ll make it through the end, through the edge of the world for Everyone by reduxed
PG-15. sehan / baekyeol. 2,666.

(Always) Like the First Time for Everyone by halcyondusk
Kris is sent on business to a remote town in Hunan. He meets Yixing, and maybe even likes Yixing. Yixing, though, doesn’t quite reciprocate Kris’s feelings that easily. Based loosely on 50 First Dates. R. Kris/Lay. 17,000.

There is no dusk to be, there was no dawn that was for bluedveins by pillowfrost
Lu Han lives in a teahouse and creates dreams for other people. Sehun visits him one day and becomes Lu Han’s dream instead. NC-17. Sehun/ Lu Han. 9,400.

Umma Appreciation Day for virgo288 by lahaela
PG-13. Kaisoo. 4,669.

when the world is an aquarium for emberberry by lanfen
college au. Sehun witnesses the decline of one brilliant, unsung Byun Baekhyun. trigger warning: suicide. PG-13. Baekhyun/Sehun. 5,165.

open up your heart to me for zeerafuu by luvotomize
a series of long and short pieces concerning everything kris thinks of, in no particular chronological order. some mentions of past kris/unnamed oc. NC-17. Kris/Lay. 3,300.

Worth the Trouble for taemin_knees by virgo288
Between training and debuting, Kyungsoo unravels the mystery that is Kim Jongin in stages.. PG-13. Jongin/Kyungsoo. 4,800.

Frozen in Flight for Everyone by yuichan
warnings: Deals with chronic depression, disillusioned ideology and suicide. NC-17. Kris/Tao. 3,500.

Day 6 Wed 22

all eyes on me in the centre of the ring for gabucha26 by hybridchickens
Circus!AU of sorts. Yixing chases a dream that nobody seems to understand. Kris/Lay. 4,000.

you can’t have peace without a war for Everyone by thatdayismine
yixing feels as though he’s being split into two, blunt blade digging between his shoulder blades, attempting to cut straight through his spine. one lung for each of them, an arm and a leg, but he wonders who’ll end up with his heart. NC-17. wu fan/yixing/lu han. 10,700.

Upwards Falls for eoryndal by cookiedealer
Zitao grows wings. Luhan doesn’t know what to think about that. NC-17. Tao/Lu Han. 7,500.

Penny for Your Thoughts for hyperlydian by kalopsia
Kyungsoo had been harbouring a secret crush on Baekhyun for the last four years. Only coming to terms with the fact that it might be more than an extended high school infatuation when he’d spent last Christmas Eve crying lonely, drunken tears in Joonmyun’s bathtub. Baekhyun however, came strolling into Kyungsoo’s dorm declaring that he was in love not even a week after Chanyeol had moved in with him.. PG-15. Baekhyun/Kyungsoo, Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Chanyeol/Kris. 14,000.

Chinese Boys Make Good Baristas for reduxed by officiallykris
Sehun probably shouldn’t be falling for pretty Chinese boys in local coffee shops. But what can he say? He’s got a thing for hipsters.. R. Sehun/Lu Han. 3,500.

Our Song for dreaminginside by leadernim
“You are the strangest human I have ever met, Minseok.”. R. Xiumin/Lu Han. 4,300.

I’m a freak show you can’t look away from for hotarumyst by chaltyr
Kyungsoo is incapable of handling affection, so Jongin becomes a problem. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are his two best friends who are of entirely no help, most of the time. (uni!au). R. Kai/Kyungsoo, one-sided Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Chanyeol/Kyungsoo. 5,086.

Out of Town Boy for Everyone by jjang
Sehun hates college. Lu han can maybe fix that.. R. Sehun/Lu Han. 4,250.

Day 7 Wed 23

Sleep with the window open for ribbonsong by kanintallrik
After randomly receiving a mysterious train ticket with his mail, city-boy Kyungsoo finds himself in a tiny sea-side village currently preparing for their Midsummer celebrations. He meets the local Jongin who has a lot to do but also a lot to teach and promptly starts invading both Kyungsoo’s life and Kyungsoo’s mind. By the end of the week, Kyungsoo’s can no longer really tell what’s real and what’s just an overly keen sense of details.. NC-17. Kyungsoo/Jongin. 21,400.

Rules of Engagement for wakinghyde by goldengutgirl
Yixing, Kris, and Chanyeol are dragged into a game of lust and control; A game cum social experiment started by Lu Han, Jongin and Baekhyun that pairs strangers to have fake but sexual relationships in a 30-day period. The rules are simple: stick to the deal, and don't fall in love (tw: Character death, implied violence, slight dubcon.). R. Kris/Chanyeol, Luhan/Lay (Yixing), with Luhan/Kai (Jongin). 7,954.

hey there summer boy for Everyone by feixing
Sehun works at a donut store; Jongin “guest-stars” in a summertime band. This is how they begin.. R. Jongin/Sehun. 7,000.

Pay Dirt for Everyone by ribbonsong
A night of gambling in China drags Kyungsoo into a whirlwind of trouble, but it’s up to him to decide if he’s willing to raise the stakes.. PG-13. Kai/D.O., minor Luhan/D.O. 3,141.

Take It All Away for Everyone by sunlit
All good things were made to be destroyed. It is not fate, it is not destiny, but inevitability, and it is futile to run, as it is futile to embrace.. R. Luhan/Lay. 4,300.

fall from paradise for leadernim by seulpeo
Everything about Baekhyun's new life at university is eclipsed by a boy named Park Chanyeol, but he has no idea what he is getting himself into.. PG-13. Baekhyun/Chanyeol. 8,500.

claim me (i’m all yours) for pillowfrost by xxbbq
in which sehun attempts to have his purity corrupted, luhan is as oblivious as hell, and chanyeol, baekhyun, and jongin are out to make sehun’s life so much harder than it already is.. NC-17. Sehun/ Luhan. 6,048.

All These Tomorrows Ahead of Us for officiallykris by sparksfly7
One day, four years, two months and seventeen days after their debut, Yixing can’t take it anymore. Lay leaves EXO to pursue a solo career and Lu Han doesn’t take it very well.. PG-13. Lay/Lu Han. 6,931.

Home (is wherever I’m with you) for stadiumsea by shadow_fictions
Yixing is given a mission to save the world twice over. R. Kris/Lay. 22,000.

Electric Inferno for Everyone by solitair
The year is 2659 and those who are discovered with the Hex gene are terminated at birth. The Hexes have stayed quiet for a long time in the shadows, but it's time to fight back, especially when they discover that there's a whole facility of Hexes who have not been terminated, but who are in fact, very much alive and being experimented on. R. Baekhyun/Chanyeol; side Kai/Kyungsoo. 5,250.

You and I Both for nighttimefalls by silchild
PG-15. Sehun/Luhan + Jongin. 5,316.

life is a highway for kalopsia by seeeno
In which Yixing can’t say no to Luhan, Luhan is a cunning bastard and Minseok just wants to get laid.. NC-17. xiumin/luhan/lay. 3,705.

Day 8 Thur 24

Past Tense for windowright by itachibana13
G. Sehun/Lu Han. 4,029.

Simple Travels for chiharu by dreaminginside
Wu Fan’s life is many things, simple having been one of them. Then he meets Yixing in Wuhan’s dirtied streets, and the domino effect begins. (And ends with a camel.) PG. Kris/Lay. 8,133.

The Nights Without You for nisakomi by sparksfly7
Although they are EXO, they are One, Lu Han’s in M and Sehun’s in K and in the nights without Lu Han, Sehun feels no indication that they’re actually in the same group. PG-13. Sehun/Lu Han. 6,779.

Finding for hybridchickens by starrymoons.
PG-13. Lay/Lu Han. 3,184.

To Hell With It for grapefruitade by razi_a
When people start missing in Seoul, panic settles between the population, and people with special powers are brought together by fate to silently save the city. But the biggest problem is: no one's gonna come unscathed out of it. PG. Kris/Chanyeol, Sehun/Luhan, minor Suho/Chen. 10,385.

of silver-linings, feathers and wishes for envybleedsgreen by feixing
Baekhyun finds a feather and gets three wishes. PG. Baekhyun/Chanyeol. 3300.

turnout for grisclair by windowright
Up top, Kim Jongin is one of K-ARTS' best young ballet dancers. One level down, Kim Jongin is one of EXO's best dreamcade fighters. And in between, Kim Jongin meets Lu Han. R. Jongin/Lu Han, background Kris/Chanyeol, past Lu Han/Yixing, past Jongin/Sehun.

Kingdom for minwhore by 921227
Baekhyun stumbles into a painting and finds himself in a Whole New World™. PG-13. Baekhyun/Chanyeol. 7700.

Takes one to heal one for thatdayismine by wakinghyde
Although the love of Yixing's life is getting married to another man, maybe the wedding wasn't too bad. T. Kris/Lay (main), onesided Kris/Chanyeol, onesided Lay/Sooyoung (SNSD), Chanyeol/Sooyoung (SNSD). 7,000.

Something Good Can Work for kanintallrik by emberberry
NC-17. Suho/Kai/Sehun. 4,480.

The Surprise Party or How not to Keep a Secret for my_midevilmind by snow_wood
It's Sehun's 21st birthday, and everyone is determined to make it special - a few mischief-makers notwithstanding.. G. OT12. 3,700.

Desiderate for cookiedealer by choisiwon
R. Jongin/Zitao. 5, 702

Day 9 August 25th

still painting flowers for you for feixing by chaltyr
A dream is the manifestation of what one desires so much, but cannot obtain. Baekhyun dreams in tangents. . NC-17. Baekhyun/Chanyeol. 4,210.

Private Performances for jjang by officiallykris
Baekhyun makes plans and Chanyeol disagrees with most of them.. NC-17. Baekhyun/Chanyeol. 4,500.

Untitled for Everyone by sphexed
Jongin/Kyungsoo. 6,388.

Run the Heart for lanfen by hyperlydian
Sehun had first met Jongin when he was six and his father had decided to humor his obsession with surfing with a trip to the local surf shop on his birthday. (Surfer AU). PG-15. Sekai. 4,300.

Chasing Pavements for goldengutgirl by zeerafuu
All Yixing ever does is chase stars in the bright morning sky and all Jongin ever does is watch hopelessly and fall in love.. NC-17. Yixing/Kai. 6,500.

tripping into you for dustyfairy by nisakomi
au based off of hedley’s trip – it’s the angst filled life of a rock star. behind all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll, baekhyun’s so into chanyeol.. R. baekyeol, sekailu, taochen, fanxing . 8.989.

I think I’ve Inhaled You for starrymoons by loudestoflove
Rock band AU. Joonmyun is the reflection Jongin never sees, eyes still trained on the ghost of Sehun.. PG-13. Suho/Kai, Sehun/Kai. 8,300.

ephemeral for jirettai by nisakomi.
Zhang Yixing is a backup dancer. Wu Yifan is the backup dancer’s backup.. R. Kris/Lay. 4,500.

Day 10 August 26th

the spaces between for natsudive by taozi
HP!AU. Jongin is in denial, Chanyeol has been experimenting, and Amber and Joonmyun try to hold it all together. PG-13. Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Sehun/Jongin, Amber/Suho, one-sided!Victoria/Zitao.~11,000w.

The Little Things He Does (that make me go crazy) for Everyone by suzetteisblue
Luhan ge is going insane and I, being the awesome best friend I am, help him as best I can while trying to write a song and get Ge to read my mind. Lay PoV
. PG-13. XiuHan. 3600.

Crushing, College Style (or: How To Fall For Kris, In Six Steps) for Everyone by eoryndal.
Kai has a problem. He falls in love with a handsome, older student but whenever he is around him, he completely loses his ability to speak. His meddling friends aren't exactly helping, either.. PG. KrisKai. 7,000.

No one will take the one who is destined for you for lazychaoz by snow_wood.
R. Kris->Chanyeol, background Chanyeol/Baekhyun. 3,500.

Continuum for yuisan for maayacola.
Zitao knows the value of being alive. He knows exactly how much it’s worth in days and hours and minutes and seconds.. NC-17. Kris/Zitao. 4,000.

大嫌いな僕19才 (the 19-year-old self I despise) for luvotomize. by chaltyr
Yixing’s life goes from extraordinary to completely off course when he comes across a wish-granting shop, seemingly by chance, but definitely not by coincidence. (xxxholic!au). PG-13. Kris/Lay. 8,000.

On parallel planes
for choisiwon by virgo288.
highschool!AU; class rep Kim Joonmyun has one mission: to lead his rag tag team of five to the Math Olympiad this year. . PG. Kris/Suho, side Kai/D.O and very slight Sehun/Lu Han. 9,100.

if on a shanghai afternoon two writers for loudestoflove by windowright
As China's most popular and most charming young novelist, Zhang Yixing is living the life of his dreams. That is, until his editor and longtime best friend Kris Wu is assigned to Huang Zitao, EXO Entertainment's newest young author — and Yixing's biggest online anti. (Modern Chinese novelist AU, wtf.). PG. Yixing/Kris, platonic(?) Yixing/Kris/Tao/ 8,000.
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