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Asleep at the Switch for pleaseuu

Title: Asleep at the Switch
For: pleaseuu
Pairing: Luhan/Chen
Rating: G
Length: 4,791
Summary: Harry Potter!AU. After Luhan mistakenly drinks a potion, thinking it was butterbeer, he must pretend to be Jongdae for a month. Jongdae? All Jongdae has to do is catch the snitch that will win Gryffindor the House Cup.

The Gryffindor common room was alight with colors and laughter as they celebrated their latest quidditch triumph, putting them in the finals for the Quidditch Cup.

“Party hard, bitches!” Luhan, a seventh year and the current seeker and captain of the red and gold quidditch team, clambered up to an empty corner on a table and shook the bottle of firewhiskey in his hand before popping the cork and spraying the burning liquid over the heads of his screaming housemates.

Luhan cheered along with his housemates before chugging the remaining alcohol left in his bottle and jumping back into the fray of frenzy, sweaty bodies.


Tucked away in a less crowded corner, Kim Jongdae, Gryffindor’s resident bookie, was bent over a small, bubbling cauldron, mumbling to himself as he tried to read from a book and stir the potion simultaneously. The fifth year brunette hummed to himself as he scanned the lines of potion ingredients and brewing instructions, willfully ignoring the chaos going on around him. His housemates knew not to bother him when he was concentrating, anyway.

When the potion simmered down and turned from a dirt brown color into a smooth, golden sheen, Jongdae smiled to himself and ladled some of the creamy liquid into a flask. He beamed at the finished product as he held up the flask for inspection. A month’s worth of hard work finally paid off and now he could proceed with his experiment.

“Yah, Jongdae!” The boy in question shrieked as the contents of his flask swished about, almost spilling over the edge. He turns to glare at Luhan over his shoulder.

Well, all but one of his housemates.

“Could you be a little more respectable of my personal bubble, please?” Jongdae narrows his eyes when the blond just shrugs his shoulders in a nonchalant manner, not looking the slightest bit sorry.

“What’re you doing over here, anyway? Everyone’s celebrating!” Luhan sweeps his hands over the rest of the common room and Jongdae catches sight of some of his more rambunctious housemates several drinks in and grinding on each other. He even sees his usually shy roommate, Sehun, blushing as he stuttered through a conversation with Jongin, Gryffindor’s sleepy eyed keeper. “Just forget about your work for a night and come have fun,” Luhan pleads, clasping his hands under his chin and shooting watery eyes at Jongdae.

Jongdae sighs exasperatedly before rejecting Luhan. “Look, not tonight okay, I have some importan—hey, give that back!”

Luhan looks positively gleeful, eyes bright with laughter, as he stretches the flask out of Jongdae’s reach. He sticks out his tongue playfully at the shorter male, unheeding of the murderous glint in Jongdae’s eyes, and chugs the contents of the flask down in one go.

He burps once. “What,” he asks, shooting a gob-smacked Jongdae a quizzical look. Luhan furrows his brows in confusion when Jongdae’s shoulders start shaking and was his face turning scarlet?

"You're a dumb shit, that’s what!" Jongdae hisses, hands lunging to embed themselves in the neck of Luhan’s robes. His normally coy eyes were narrowed in anger, and Luhan yelps when his hands curl tighter around his robes, cutting off some of his air circulation.

"Okay, I'm sorry?" Luhan wheezes, trying to gently pry Jongdae's hands from his collar. He flinches when Jongdae hisses through his clenched teeth. "I thought it'd be funny. Didn't think you'd get this mad over some butterbeer." He offers the other an amiable half-smile and his best “forgive me” face complete with his wibbly little pout that always had people falling over his feet.

Except it doesn’t seem to work on Jongdae.

"That wasn't butterbeer, you arse!" the shorter man wails, hands fisting Luhan’s collar so tightly that the taller Gryffindor was starting to purple from lack of oxygen. "I was working on a soul-switching potion!"

As Luhan flounders for something to say to that revelation, Jongdae ingests the rest of the potion left in his cauldron and turns back to Luhan, promptly pulling the taller boy into a liplock.

“Mmph!” Luhan cries, struggling against Jongdae’s hold, extremely befuddled by this turn of events. Isn’t this supposed to be where Jongdae punches him or something?

When Jongdae finally lets go, he wipes his lips with the arms of his robes, breathing heavily.

Then he reared back—and slapped Luhan.

“What was that for?!” Luhan spits, one hand touching the corners of his lips and the other rubbing his stinging cheek as he shoots the other a scandalized pout.

Jongdae only harrumphs and cleans up his book and cauldron before stalking away.

“Don’t freak out when you wake up tomorrow,” he calls over his shoulder.

Luhan thumbs over his lips one last time before deciding that he’d much rather shoot off some firecrackers to ruin Kevin’s embarrassingly awkward mating dance with Baekhyun than mull over the most oddly timed kiss he’d ever received.

Though he wouldn’t mind getting another one from the surprisingly good kisser.


Luhan groans as he comes to, snuggling deeper into the warm cocoon of his comforter. Moments later, his wand starts beeping and flickering, lighting up in a makeshift alarm. Irritated by the sound, Luhan tries to kill the sound by muffling it with his pillow. When that doesn’t work, he grabs it and starts haphazardly waving it. The wand alarm persists and Luhan, frustrated by his inability to stop it, hits it a couple times on the side table.

He sighs when it finally stops emitting sounds and leaves it on the table before turning to bury himself back into the mess of blankets.

Luhan scrambles out of his blankets and squints his eyes at the blond lump in the other four-poster bed across the room. It takes a moment but he recognizes the other person as Oh Sehun, the lanky fifth year kid that Jongin gushes about between breaks at practice.

Oh Sehun.

Jongdae’s roommate.

Luhan’s blood freezes over. Fuck, did I sleep with Jongdae?! He pats himself down and when he feels clothing, sighs in relief. The seventh year tiptoes out of the thankfully empty bed and aims for the door, hoping to get out before Jongdae reappeared. Oh! Luhan backtracks towards the side table. Almost forgot my wand.

The wand seems to tremble in his grip and Luhan frowns at it before realizing that it wasn’t his wand. Putting it back on the table, he shuffles around Jongdae’s things, looking for his wand. He gives up and leaves quietly when he couldn’t find it, figuring he probably lost it somewhere in the common room or in his own room.

Accio wand,” Luhan mumbles through his yawn as he opens the door to his shared dormitory. His wand flies into his grasp. He smiles at the familiar feel of mahogany wood in his palm as he trudges blearily toward his bathroom, taking note of the lump on his bed as he laid his wand next to the lamp on his side table.

Luhan putters around in the bathroom, half-asleep while taking care of his bodily needs in the morning. As he washes his hands in the sink, he cracks open an eye to look in the mirror and is met with Jongdae’s face.


When Jongdae wakes up, he doesn’t expect to be stared down by, well, his own face, which was contorted in a frantic, blotchy mess.

“Good morning to you, too, and could you please not do that to my face. I don’t want premature wrinkles, thanks.” Jongdae yawns and rolls over, intending to go back to sleep.

“Jongdae?” Luhan prods, reaching out hesitantly to poke his own body in the ribs.

Jongdae cracks open an eye and stares imperiously over his nose at Luhan and Luhan flinches at the intimidating look on his own face. It was… very unfitting.

“You’re really Jongdae?” Luhan squeaks.

Jongdae rolls his eyes. “Yes.”

Luhan passes out.


“How do we reverse this?!” Luhan shrieks, grabbing Jongdae’s (his) face and giving it a little shake. Jongdae fights the niggling in his stomach that tells him he should hurl into the nearest trashcan. “I can’t play quidditch as you!” Luhan suddenly gasps and lets go of Jongdae’s (his) face. “How do I become beautiful again?!”

Jongdae huffs indignantly and gives the other a scandalized look. “Are you insinuating that I’m ugly?”

Luhan wisely keeps his mouth shut.

“The only way to reverse this is to make another soul-switching potion.” Jongdae explains patiently, hand rubbing insistently at his temple. “However—”

“Great!” Luhan interjects, shooting a bright, toothy smile at Jongdae (Jongdae never thought his face could look so…catlike. Very catlike, actually. Is that how other people saw him, too, when he smiled like that? It was extremely disconcerting). “It shouldn’t be hard since you made it the first time, right? Right. So how long until we get back to normal? A couple hours, tops?”

Jongdae shoots a wry grin at Luhan and continues from where he left off. “However,” he begins, exaggeratedly emphasizing the word just so he could enjoy watching Luhan squirm impatiently, “the potion is quite complex, requires copious amounts of ingredients—some of which are only found in Snape’s cupboards, mind you—and it takes roughly a month to prepare.”

Luhan blinks uncomprehendingly and directs his blankest stare at the (now) blond male. “How long?”

Inhale, exhale, Jongdae reminds himself before taking a deep breath and—“One. Month.”

Immediately afterward, Jongdae flinches, expecting to be punched. However, when no punch was forthcoming, he peeked between his eyelids to see Luhan looking eerily calm. Becoming uncomfortable with the blank look on his own face, Jongdae snaps his fingers in front of the other’s face. “Hey, snap out of it, will you? My face looks really creepy like that.”

Jongdae starts becoming concerned when Luhan still didn’t respond. “Luhan?” he tries again, waving his fingers over the other’s face.

Jongdae yelps when the other passes out again and topples into his lap, sending them both careening into the mass of plushies decorating Luhan’s bed.


“Look,” Jongdae says while changing (“Don’t you dare touch my dick!” Jongdae promptly shoves his hand down his pants to tuck in his shirt, ignoring Luhan’s outraged squawk), “just make sure to keep yourself alert. We can’t let people know that we’ve swapped bodies.” Jongdae stares stonily at Luhan as he pulls on his robe. “This means you have to keep my grades up.”

“Got it,” Luhan sighs, rolling his eyes.

Jongdae pins him with a hard stare.

“Yes, I’ll keep your grades up!” Luhan meeps.

Jongdae shoves his face at Luhan and stares him in the eye, trying to gauge the sincerity in his words. Just when Luhan was starting to get creeped out by the staring contest with himself, Jongdae nods once and starts walking away.

“Come on,” he calls over his shoulder, motioning for Luhan to follow him. “Let’s get you changed.”


Jongdae had specified that in order for their swap to go off without a hitch, he must keep a tidy appearance at all times. Then, he’d unceremoniously shoved Luhan into his uniform, taking care to button every last button and loop a leather belt through his pants.

“Look,” Luhan had said as he shoved his own hands away from his current body. “If I have to dress like you, then you have to dress like me.” Jongdae had pursed his lips, displeasure obvious in the lines of his face.

Luhan gestured with his chin at his entirely too neat appearance. “I don’t dress like that.”

Jongdae huffed but pulled a bit of the shirt out so that it looked bunched up at the waist and loosened his tie.

Luhan had nodded approvingly. “Much better. Now, get to class!”

Jongdae grabbed Luhan’s bag and started towards the stairs.

“Oh!” Luhan called after him, “Take your time, I’m never early to class.”

The other only rolled his eyes as he slowed down to an easy saunter while shooting a look back at Luhan as if to say, “better?”

Luhan grinned and gave Jongdae a thumbs-up.


Luhan tugs at the starched collar of his button-up shirt, unused to wearing his uniform so… so neatly.

“Urgh!” he exclaims, throwing his hands up in exasperation. “Fuck this!” Luhan loosens the red and gold tie knotted right up to his Adam’s apple and undoes the first two buttons, breathing easier when the stiff collar falls away from his neck. “Much better.” He tugs the ends of his shirt from his trousers and adjusts his belt so that the waistline fell snug against his hips and whistles to himself as he makes his way into Jongdae’s first class, barely on time.

Sehun waves him over and shoots a pointed look at the unkempt appearance he was sporting but otherwise says nothing and goes back to jotting down the notes that were starting to write themselves on the board.

Luhan grins as he settles himself into his seat and decides that he’ll forgo the notes. This is fifth year stuff anyway, and he’d already passed it with flying colors.


An angry Jongdae corners him after dinner and Luhan knows he’s been found out.

“A?!” Jongdae screeches, referring to the “acceptable” mark Luhan had gotten on the pop quiz McGonagall had given in Transfiguration this morning, when he’d neglected to take notes.

Luhan cowers behind his hands. “I’m sorry!”

“And you went around looking like that the entire day?!” the fifth year croaks, eyeing the rumpled shirt and loose tie with dismay.

Luhan’s shoulders slink down in guilt.

“If you weren’t in my body, I’d punch you.”

Luhan’s cheeks heat up in shame.

Jongdae huffs and pulls a hand through the frizzled blonde mess on his head. “Look, okay,” he begins, taking deep breaths, “just, I don’t know, can’t you just make an effort? I know you don’t particularly care but I do.”

Luhan kicks at the ground. “I care,” he mumbles inaudibly.

“Then we’re on the same page, now? You’ll dutifully take my notes for me and I’ll,” Jongdae flails his arms around, trying to find the words he wants to say, “be more like Luhan the ruffian?”

Luhan snorts and kicks Jongdae’s feet, a grin blossoming on his face. “I am not a ruffian,” he retorts.

Jongdae shoots him a half-smile before being dragged away by Minseok, Luhan’s fellow seventh year and vice-captain. He watches in fascination as Jongdae kind of haltingly loops his arms around the shorter quidditch player’s shoulders, as if he was unsure if it was the right thing to do, and brings Minseok’s into a headlock for a noogie—much like how he and Minseok usually interact on a daily basis.

Jongdae obviously isn’t perfect at pretending to be someone he’s not, too, Luhan notes, wincing when he sees Jongdae shriek and trip over himself after Chanyeol tossed him a quaffle unexpectedly. But at least he’s trying.

Luhan groans before leaving the common room to seek out Sehun for his notes.


A week passes by relatively quickly, with no major hitches (except for when Luhan cornered Jongdae about hygiene issues and blushingly stammered on about dick touching only to get a look in return because, “Luhan, we’re wizards. We can use magic.”), and Luhan finds that it’s really not all that hard keeping himself to Jongdae’s character.

The grades were easy to maintain because he hadn’t been a bad student himself—he just needed to pay a tad more attention and take some notes to refresh his memory. Incredibly, even the neat, pressed way Jongdae usually wore his uniform was beginning to feel comfortable.

Later that night, after dinner had ended and everyone had scattered back into their respective houses, Luhan catches Jongdae sneaking out.

“Where are you going?” he hisses, pausing in writing his essay on enlargement charms.

Jongdae jumps but looks relieved when he discovers it’s only Luhan. “I’m out to filch stuff from Snape’s potion ingredients.” He smirks when Luhan nods, impressed. “What are you still doing up?”

Luhan points at his three-foot long parchment. “Charms essay.”

Jongdae’s eyes seem to light up when he smiles at Luhan. “Thanks.”

“Can I come with you?”

Jongdae mulls over Luhan’s question before shrugging, motioning for the elder to come towards the portrait hole. “I could use an extra hand with all the ingredients.”


Their journey down to the dungeons is quiet and miraculously Filch-free.

When they get to Snape’s classroom, Luhan watches, amazed, as Jongdae flicks his wand a couple of times and pushes the door open silently.

“Damn,” Luhan whispers.

Jongdae puffs his chest out in pride. “Thanks, I’ve had practice.”

“You do this regularly?” Luhan asks, shocked. He shuffles in after Jongdae and shuts the door all the way, lest Snape happened by and caught them.

“Not often but I did make this potion before,” Jongdae reminds him, leading him towards the wooden door behind Snape’s desk. “Here’s a list of the things we need.” He hands Luhan a neat list of ten items. “I’ll get the first five, you get the last five.” Luhan nods and goes off to find worm intestines after Jongdae unlocks the storage room.

“Oh, ew,” Luhan grimaces when he gets to the last ingredient on the list. “There’s bat shit in this potion?!”

“That’s the most important ingredient,” Jongdae sniffs, “without it, the potion would be incomplete. Do you have everything?”

Luhan nods as he grabs some guano and stuffs them into his pockets. “Yeah, come on, let’s go.”


“Do you think I could help?” Luhan asks when they make it back to the common room.

Jongdae shoots him a confused look. “What?”

“Help with the potion, I mean.” Luhan scratches the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I’m the root of this problem, anyway.” He feels his face flush with heat. If he hadn’t been so callous during the party, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

Luhan looks up when he feels Jongdae clasp him on the shoulder. The other boy is grinning from ear to ear and Luhan gulps, all of a sudden feeling a knot forming in his belly. Must’ve had too much pumpkin juice at dinner. He knew it tasted off.

“That’d be great.” Jongdae pulls Luhan into a half-hug. “Thanks.”

“Yeah,” Luhan whispers, “of course.”


They fall into an easy routine after that night.

At breakfast, Luhan would sit with Sehun, nodding as his roommate prattled on and on about how sinfully delicious Jongin looked in his uniform (more often than not, he tuned it out because as much as he liked his teammate, he did not need to know about how nice those pants clung to his crotch area). He’d catch Jongdae’s stare from down the table where the other sat with his various seventh year friends and quidditch teammates and they’d exchange a quick smile before going back to their food.

Then, Luhan attended all of Jongdae’s morning classes before heading to the library with Sehun to grab some quick notes for the homework that had already been assigned.

After lunch, afternoon classes, and dinner, Luhan usually found himself doing homework with Sehun in the common room. Sometimes Jongdae would sit down the table from them.

When the rest of the house finally succumbed to sleep, they’d meet back downstairs and sneak off to the Room of Requirement on the seventh floor to continue working on the soul-switching potion.


The Friday before the third week, Luhan glances down the table towards Jongdae, only to see that the latter wasn’t there. When he finished his dinner and Jongdae still hadn’t showed up, he got out of seat and made his way over to Minseok, ignoring Sehun’s cries of “but wait where are you going? I still need to tell you about how Jongin said I looked cute today!”

Luhan taps Minseok on the shoulder and the elder turns out, letting out a surprised, “Jongdae!”

“Where’s Luhan?”

Minseok looks confused and Luhan mentally hits himself. Him and Jongdae aren’t usually seen together, right!

“Luhan? He’s probably in his room. Said he wasn’t feeling too well. Since when did you guys hang out, anyway?”

“Uh.” Luhan gapes unattractively, “He’s, uh, I asked him for help with charms!” he squeaks, spitting out the first thing that came to mind.

Minseok shrugs and seems to buy his white lie. “Well, if he’s feeling better, could you remind him that we have practice in half an hour?”

Luhan nods and flies out of the Great Hall, panicking now that he remembered he’d scheduled this practice because the final game was next Friday, the day before the potion would be ready.

Shit, shit, shit.


“Jongdae?” Luhan knocks on the dorm door and makes his way in after hearing a muffled affirmative from the lump under the blankets. “Are you okay?”

Jongdae grunts.

“Look,” Luhan starts, moving to sit on the bed while placing a comforting hand over the lump. “I forgot about the quidditch game.” He hears Jongdae sniff. “You know, it’s okay if you can’t fly or something.”

Jongdae peeks out from under the blankets and his eyes are blotchy and there’s snot running down his nose. “It’s not that I can’t fly,” he protests, hiccupping through his tears. “I just… I’m not good at the game.”

“Well, I dunno, you could always just fake an injury and have Yixing stand in or something,” he says, referring to the team’s second-string seeker.

“No!” Jongdae sits up, grasping Luhan’s arm desperately. “I don’t want Yixing to step in.” Luhan’s taken aback at the ferocity in Jongdae’s eyes. “I want to win this game, Luhan. I said I’d try harder to be more like you and I mean it. I want to play this game.”

Luhan’s touched by the Jongdae’s determination and that same niggling feeling from the night they snuck out comes back full force, except this time, Luhan’s a little more sure that it isn’t because of bad pumpkin juice.

“Okay,” Luhan concedes, unconsciously moving closer to Jongdae. “There’s practice in less than half an hour. Go try your best at that and then, after tomorrow, since the potion won’t need to be touched for a week, I’ll coach you on seeking after dinner.”

Luhan gasps when he’s suddenly pulled into a hug.

“Thanks,” Jongdae breathes against his neck, sending shivers coursing down Luhan’s spine.

“Yeah, anytime,” Luhan mumbles, feeling incredibly hot.

Definitely not pumpkin juice.


During the days that follow, Luhan meets Jongdae down at the quidditch field each and every night, an hour after dinner.

Luhan discovers that Jongdae’s not all that bad of a flier, and, with a little polishing could probably have been a pretty good addition to the team.

“Hey, how come you never tried out for the team? I think you could’ve made it.”

Jongdae shrugs as he comes to a stop on Luhan’s Firebolt and hops off. “I never really found the thrill in it, before.”

They trudge off the field together, having finished practice for the night, and make their way to the locker rooms to put everything away.

“I’m serious, though,” Luhan insists, continuing their conversation. “I think you should try out next year. You’re as good as Yixing, now!”

The other male shoots him a shy smile and Luhan feels his stomach twisting into knots again. “You really think so?”

Luhan swallows the lump in his throat. Jongdae looks so uncharacteristically vulnerable and somewhere in the back of his mind, he registers how weird it is that he’s essentially gushing over his own face, but it’s not because he sees Jongdae when he looks at himself and not… himself.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Jongdae beams at Luhan, and Luhan manages a tiny smile back.


On the day of the match, the stadium was swarmed in an array of house colors and cheering students.

Luhan had snuck off the bleachers in the confusion and made his way over to the Gryffindor locker rooms. When he stepped in, the team was just finishing up their group huddle. Minseok spots him and grins impishly before turning to jab Jongdae in the side.

“Yo, boyfriend’s here to see you,” he teases, dodging the punch that Jongdae swings at him.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Jongdae mumbles as he makes his way over to Luhan.

Luhan clears his throat uncomfortably. He’d only wanted to come give Jongdae some encouragement but now, with Minseok’s teasing barb and the curious stares of the rest of his team centered on them, he feels unnecessarily stuffed up, realizing how intimate this must seem to the rest of the team.

“Hey,” Jongdae grumbles, gloved hands awkwardly patting his hair.

Luhan clears his throat again. “I, uh, just wanted to wish you good luck.”

“Um, thanks,” Jongdae blushes.

“Just, uh, watch for Kyungsoo’s feints. He’s a sly one,” Luhan says, warning Jongdae about Slytherin’s small but extremely skilled seeker. “I’ll, uh, be cheering in the stands.”

Jongdae nods his thanks and Luhan parts with a small, awkward wave.

He blushes on his way out when he hears the rest of the team make boyfriend digs at Jongdae.


“And it looks like Kyungsoo’s spotted the snitch!” screamed Chanyeol, the announcer, boisterously, deep voice booming over the crowd.

Luhan trains his omnioculars on Kyungsoo, who was quickly speeding towards a flittering golden dot on the field. Jongdae quickly enters his field of vision, tunneling towards the Slytherin seeker and the snitch with his body splayed completely parallel to the broom.

“Who’s going to get it first?!” Chanyeol shrieks, sucking in a loud breath to mimic suspense.

The crowd quiets as Jongdae and Kyungsoo fly neck to neck. Suddenly, they both angle down and go hurtling towards the ground, hands outstretched.

Luhan sucks in a breath when both of the seekers barely pull level and end up crashing onto the field, rolling off their brooms.

For a few seconds, nobody moves—Chanyeol doesn’t say anything and then—

Turning the knobs on his omnioculars to zoom in to Jongdae, who was starting to get up, Luhan cheers just a split second before Chanyeol’s deep voice announced that—

“And Gryffindor beats Slytherin 210 to 70 to win the House Cup!”

Jongdae’s looks beat up and tired but proud as he clutches the fluttering snitch tightly in his raised fist.

The stadium spills onto the field and Luhan fights his way through the crowd.

“Jongdae, Jongdae!” he calls over the din of his ecstatic housemates.

“Luhan!” the other shrieks excitedly, shaking the snitch. “Look, I did it, I did it!”

Luhan barrels into Jongdae, clasping his hands around the other’s waist as he laughs into his shoulder. “I’m so proud of you!”

Jongdae wraps his arms around Luhan’s shoulders and sways them back and forth. “It’s all thanks to you, really,” he says, mumbling his words into Luhan’s hair.

They disentangle themselves and Luhan beams as Jongdae’s lifted up by his teammates and marched towards the locker rooms.


“So,” Jongdae says, peeking at Luhan through his lashes as he stirs the potion counterclockwise. After the fifth rotation, he stops and scoops a ladle of the potion into an empty flask. “This is it.” He hands the flask over to Luhan.

The shorter male laughs a little. “Yeah, I guess this is it, huh.” Luhan watches as Jongdae carefully fills up a second flask for himself before holding it out, mimicking a “cheers” motion. He crooks an eyebrow at Luhan.

“Listen,” Luhan starts, twirling the flask in his hands, “I just wanted to… I just wanted to thank you, you know, for being so good at… being me.” He shoots a hesitant smile at Jongdae, who kept his face carefully blank.

“Thank you, too,” Jongdae says after several moments. “Being you gave me a chance to not have to worry about being myself all the time.” He makes a thoughtful face as he thinks of his next words. “I enjoyed it. I felt… carefree, relaxed. And thank you, also,” he adds with a cheeky smile, “for actually doing my school work.”

Luhan huffs and rolls his eyes. He holds up his flask, waiting for Jongdae. They clink their flasks together with a small cry of “cheers!” and down the shiny, golden liquid.

“So.” Luhan puts down his flask.

So,” Jongdae echoes as he clears the flasks and contents away with a vanishing spell.

“You know,” Luhan wiggles his eyebrows and bites his lip.

“You know what?” Jongdae questions, looking confused.

“But—before, you—common room—ki—” Luhan catches the smirk teetering on the corner of Jongdae’s lips and snorts.

“C’mere, you,” he says, grinning broadly as he grabbed Jongdae by his loose tie to pull him down into a kiss.
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