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(This Just Can’t Be) Summer Love, for immorte

Title: (This Just Can’t Be) Summer Love
For: immorte
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kai
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4,195
Summary, potential warnings: Working at an expensive beachside hotel is a complete and utter drag for Chanyeol; maybe Kim Jongin will be the one to change this.

“Jesus Christ, gimme a fucking break,” Chanyeol huffs from the towel station as another group of people up and leave without returning their towels. He gives them a concentrated frown from behind their retreating backs, brow scrunched and corners of his mouth pressing downwards comically.

“Can you people not read?” He mutters to himself, stepping from within his shaded, air conditioned booth out into the afternoon sun. There’s a large, rectangular sign above the kiosk in bright red lettering that reads ‘Please return your towels after use. Thank you.’ Chanyeol pauses briefly in front of it to give it a half-hearted glare.

He snatches the discarded, dampened towels from the reclining pool chairs and bundles them in his arms, dumping them in the open cart next to his kiosk before he goes back inside the shade again.

“Uugghhh,” he groans to himself, sitting back down and letting his head loll against the wooden side of the window.

“Tough day?” Kyungsoo’s voice comes from outside the booth window and Chanyeol picks his head up to blink at the other boy.

“Shouldn’t you be working?”

“I’m on my lunch break, loser. Take yours now too, we can go together,” Kyungsoo says as he drums his fingers on the wooden window sill.

Chanyeol sighs dramatically and reaches back to get the placard that says ‘Off Duty’ and plunks it onto the window. People would just grab their own towels from the booth anyways, probably. They didn’t need Chanyeol to sit there and hand them each of their towels. He exits the booth and the two of them walk together out of the poolside area. Kyungsoo’s out of uniform, wearing a plain tee instead of his usual pressed shirt and blazer for the concierge desk. Chanyeol supposes he’s lucky in that regard; he usually just wears a shirt or brotank with swim trunks and a pair of flip flops. It’s not like his job requires anything else.

“So how’s life in the lobby?” Chanyeol lets his arms swing by his sides as they walk.

Kyungsoo heaves a great sigh before replying. “It’s work, I guess. People are frustrating. You have it pretty good, Chanyeol. All you do is sit there and give people towels.”

“Hey! My job is hard, okay. Yesterday some lady spilled her bloody mary all over like three towels and then she just left them there. People suck.”

“Well it’s not like you had to clean it. You just had to dump it in the bin for the cleaning service to take.”

Chanyeol just sighs in response, folding his hands behind his head. They’ve reached the main hotel building now, and they duck inside the thankfully air conditioned building.

“My lunch break isn’t even supposed to be now,” Chanyeol says as they arrive at the lunch buffet. “It’s in like, an hour.”

“Your dad’s the service manager, it’s not like you’ll get in trouble,” Kyungsoo replies. “Unlike you, I’m actually supervised. I actually have to do things,” he frowns.

Chanyeol supposes Kyungsoo is right; he doesn’t really do much of anything in his job. Maybe that’s why it’s such a drag.

They sit themselves down at an empty table. There aren’t many other people around at the moment and Chanyeol plays around with one of the empty glasses on the table idly. “Figures my dad would make me work, though. I can’t even swim in the pool that I have to stare at all day.”

“Hello, welcome! Can I start you two off with anything to dr--oh, it’s you guys. Sigh.”

“Hey, Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo says.

“Did you just say sigh out loud?” Chanyeol raises his brows. Baekhyun gives him a face.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought your lunch break wasn’t for like another hour, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun asks. “We were supposed to go together...”

“This kid showed up and told me to take it now,” Chanyeol gestures at Kyungsoo sitting across him, who only nods gravely up at Baekhyun. Baekhyun rolls his eyes.

“Whatever, just.” He flaps his hand at the pair irritatedly. “Unlike you two, I actually have a job to do, so just behave. I’ll get you guys drinks. Don’t eat all of the crab legs again.”

“Let’s go eat all the crab legs,” Chanyeol says to Kyungsoo as soon as Baekhyun leaves.

“Of course,” Kyungsoo replies easily.


“It’s like, I’m starting to think that people don’t know how to read,” Chanyeol says as he piles his plate high with steamed crab legs. “There’s no way that so many people lack common courtesy, it has to be something else. I mean, how hard is it to walk back to the kiosk and dump the towels? There’s a giant cart right there.”

“Mhm, yeah sounds tough,” Kyungsoo says. He sounds overly sympathetic. Chanyeol gives him a withering look.

“Oh please, don’t give me that look. It’s a tough life. The guests this round aren’t even hot, so there’s nothing to look at,” Chanyeol complains as they sit back down. He cracks open a crab leg angrily, pulling out the flesh from inside of it before sticking the entire thing in his mouth.

“Well...what about that guy? He’s pretty hot,” Kyungsoo asks, nodding over at a table across the room. Chanyeol looks up, bits of crab clinging to his lips.

“Which one?”

“The one with that girl, over there.”

Chanyeol searches until his line of vision lands on who Kyungsoo is talking about. It has to be, because he’s definitely the hottest guy in the room (other than Chanyeol himself). Tan skin and dark, windswept hair over a sultry face with full, pouty lips. Why hasn’t Chanyeol seen him before?

“His name’s Kim Jongin,” Kyungsoo says. “I checked him in yesterday, he’s tall too. Not as tall as you, but.”

“He staying here alone?”

“Nah, came with a friend of his. Oh Sehun,” Kyungsoo replies.

“How’s his friend?”

“He’s...he’s cute,” Kyungsoo says, tilting his head downwards to try and hide his blush, but Chanyeol catches on and grins wickedly.

“Have a little crush, do we?” Chanyeol pokes Kyungsoo’s cheek playfully. His hand gets slapped away quickly.

“I think you have a little drool there,” Kyungsoo shoots back, frowning at Chanyeol. Chanyeol sticks his tongue out at him.

“Well, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully he comes by the pool,” Chanyeol says, reclining in his seat and stretching his arms out to fold them behind his head. “Maybe things’ll get a little less boring.”


The next day goes by the same way it goes every day for Chanyeol. He lazes around by the pool in the morning, chatting with the cleaning staff before the guests for the day start filtering in as it gets hotter. The hours tick by with Chanyeol getting few things accomplished. He figures out that if he just leaves a large stack of towels on the window ledge, he won’t have to bother handing everyone their towel. It’s a good system that lasts him the morning, just replacing the stack when it runs out; he also gets a new high score on 94 seconds. It’s a productive day.

“Ugh, I told you to stop eating all the crab legs,” Baekhyun says when Chanyeol sits down to join him at lunch. They’re eating together today since Chanyeol ditched him yesterday for Kyungsoo. Chanyeol just takes a giant leg in his hand and cracks it open obnoxiously. Baekhyun narrows his eyes before grabbing one.

“Yeah, yeah,” Chanyeol says around a mouthful of crab, waving his hand. “Anyways, I was thinking, we should trade jobs for like, a day. You know, just to see what it’s like.”

“And miss out on getting the automatically factored in tip? No thanks,” Baekhyun sniffs.

Chanyeol huffs. Of course the Shilla would be a place to automatically include tips into the restaurant checks. It’s not like the guests wouldn’t be able to afford it, after all--they were staying in this hotel in the first place. “My life is horrible, though,” he laments. “Things are boring. Life is boring. Baekhyun, everything is boring.”

“My sympathies,” Baekhyun deadpans. “Shouldn’t there be some eye candy for you, though? You work by a pool in an expensive beachside hotel. There has to be something.”

Chanyeol shakes his head miserably. “Nothing,” he sighs. “There was this one girl like two weeks ago...she had a lot of friends...” Chanyeol’s face goes distant and dreamy for a moment. “But she’s gone now. Left. Never even got a chance to give her a towel, they all brought their own,” he says sadly.

“Well, maybe you should convince your dad to give you some days off? It’s not like you’re a highly demanded worker, I’m sure they’d be able to find a replacement for you in no time,” Baekhyun says, patting Chanyeol’s arm consolingly.

“That doesn’t make me feel better...”

“Okay then, just suck it up. You get paid for sitting there and doing nothing,” Baekhyun tuts. Chanyeol’s pouts go unnoticed.

As Baekhyun bids Chanyeol goodbye and heads back into the kitchen, Chanyeol catches sight of the boy from yesterday--Kim Jongin--entering the restaurant. He’s got an arm hooked around the thin waist of a pretty girl--definitely not the same girl he was eating lunch with yesterday. Chanyeol gives him a sort of longing frown from a distance as they sit down. Why can’t he have a hot girl to hang out with? Or better yet, why can’t he and Kim Jongin be friends? He sighs and gets up to leave. Kim Jongin doesn’t even seem to be into guys, he muses to himself. Chanyeol still wants him to come by the pool, nonetheless.


That afternoon, Chanyeol’s offhand wishes are granted as he’s leaning back in his chair, tilting it on its hind legs in his little shaded kiosk.

“Hey,” a deep voice comes from outside the window. “Could we get some towels, please?”

“Just take one from the stack, man,” he replies, not looking up from the ‘12 Cats Who Look Like Buddha’ buzzfeed article on his phone.

“Uh...what stack?”

“Oh, guess I forgot to replace it, gimme a sec,” he replies, not looking up and standing to grab a couple of pre-warmed towels from the rack. He goes over to the window to hand it over to the guest but stops midway, hand extended, fuzzy terry cloth folded perfectly in his palm because it’s Kim Jongin. And he looks even better up close, and he’s shirtless. Chanyeol snaps his mouth shut and hands the towels over wordlessly. Jongin gives him an almost knowing sort of smile (smirk? quirk of the lips? Chanyeol doesn’t know, but it had been sexy as hell).

“Thanks, man,” he says. Chanyeol only notices he has the same girl that he was with in the restaurant in tow, both of them dressed in showy swimwear.


“It’s like, he’s the kind of person who’s hot and he knows it. It’s the worst,” Chanyeol says the next day over lunch, cutting forcefully into his chicken. They ran out of crab today, much to his disappointment. Baekhyun gives him a Look when he complains about it and Chanyeol shuts up about the steamed legs.

“Yeah, because you’re the pinnacle of modesty,” Baekhyun replies, picking at his rice bowl. “I don’t know anyone who has half the confidence and arrogance that you do.”

“Ugh, yeah, but that’s because! Just look at my face! But I don’t go around flaunting my perfect tanned body by the pool, I don’t go around shaking water from my hair all sexily and I don’t emerge from pools all wet and--and--”

Baekhyun whistles, brows raised. “You got it bad,” he chuckles. “Why don’t you try talking to him, then?”

“Because he’s always too busy with a girl draped all over him! I don’t even know if he’s into guys,” Chanyeol says, propping his chin on his hand dejectedly.

“Uhh, are you sure? He seems pretty into that dude...”

“What dude?” Chanyeol whips his head around, peering around the restaurant for Jongin’s figure. He spots him across the restaurant again, but this time he’s sidled up close to another guy, adorned with a dazzling smile that Chanyeol looks at for a second too long before--

“What the fuck? That’s Joonmyun from the front desk,” he hisses urgently, hitting Baekhyun on the arm.

“Ow, cut that out--wait, holy shit, it is. The fuck?”

“How in the fuck did Joonmyun of all people get to him before me?! Have you seen my face? This is impossible,” Chanyeol bangs a fist angrily against the table, causing some of the silverware to clatter noisily.

“Woah, calm down there. The dude’s been with a different person like, everyday, right? Seems just like the typical player type,” Baekhyun says.

Chanyeol exhales frustratedly through his nose. “I am not happy about this. At all.”


“Heeeeey Joonmyun, buddy ol’ pa, how’ve ya been?” Chanyeol exclaims loudly later that afternoon as he saunters up to the front desk, where Joonmyun is currently clicking away at one of the computers, starting once he hear’s Chanyeol’s voice from across the lobby.

“Oh uh, hey Chanyeol. I’ve been good?”

“That’s good, that’s great to hear! Really, that’s so great. So great.”


“Soooo, do anything exciting lately? Like, today? As in, for lunch? Lunch like, today?”

“Could uh you keep it down...?”

“You know, good looking guy like you, you’re bound to have had a really nice lunch date, am I right! I’m right, right? Of course I’m right,” Chanyeol plows on. Joonmyun has that weird expression that he does where it looks like he’s maybe going to cry, but he’s actually just nervous.

“I--I’m so confused?” Joonmyun says desperately.

“C’mon, it’s just me,” Chanyeol says, waggling his brows. “You can tell me! Besides, I know already, I saw you.”


“So! How was it! How was he!”


“Kim Jongin?! C’mon, you guys were having lunch together today!”

“Jongin? What about Jongin, how do you know him?” Joonmyun asks, surprised. Chanyeol just waggles his brows at him some more and it suddenly dawns on Joonmyun what he’s on about. “Oh my god Chanyeol, Jongin is my cousin! Ugh, can you please not,” he groans.

“...Wait, what? Cousin?! So you two weren’t, you know--” Chanyeol makes some inappropriate hand gestures and Joonmyun slaps a hand across his forehead.

No, Chanyeol, Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in him go for it, considering he wouldn’t stop asking about you yesterday but for god’s sake please don’t tell me about it, I don’t need to be hearing about my cousin’s dirty laundry. Or yours, for that matter.”

“Wait, what? What do you mean he wouldn’t stop asking about me?”

“Ugh, oh yeah. He asked who the towel boy at the pool area was because apparently you couldn’t keep your eyes off him yesterday, and he noticed.”

Chanyeol would have flushed if he had a sense of decency or shame, but since he was lacking in both, he just grins widely and claps Joonmyun soundly on the back.

“Thanks you friend, you’ve done me a great service,” he says as he turns to leave.

“Don’t wanna know!” Joonmyun calls out after him.

Chanyeol makes his way back to his towel booth, great smile plastered on his face and spirits uplifted, because yes, he is going to do this.


It’s late afternoon when Jongin saunters by the poolside in all his topless glory, this time alone. Chanyeol takes care to hastily take the pile of towels laid out away as soon as he sees him so he can personally give Jongin his towel.

“Here you go,” he says unnecessarily when handing the cloth over. “I’m Chanyeol, by the way,” he introduces himself, giving Jongin a smile--the one that people tell him actually looks good, not the crazy, eye scrunched jaw drop that he does when he loses his shit.

Jongin pauses for a moment, brows raised. “Jongin,” he replies after a beat.

“Nice to meet you,” Chanyeol says. “I been seeing you around the place lately, so I just wanted to introduce myself, you know? Making new friends and all,” he waves a hand.

“Right,” Jongin laughs. “Yeah, we can be...friends.” The way he says the word implies something entirely different and Chanyeol’s stomach flips a little. He grins in return and waves when Jongin gives him a “catch you later” and turns to head to the pool.


It’s 10:30 p.m. and Chanyeol is leaning against the side of a small hut a ways from the poolside that acts as staff lockers and stock room. The pool’s been closed for half an hour now, but Chanyeol waits around until the last few nightswimmers have gone. Most of the other pool staff have gone home by now, but Chanyeol has a room in the hotel for the summer since his dad needs to be at the hotel at all times.

“Hey,” a voice comes from the side, and Chanyeol squints into the pathway as a figure approaches him. It’s Jongin, thankfully fully clothed right now. He holds up a small scrap of paper between two fingers, and although it’s pretty dark, Chanyeol knows what’s written on it since he’d slipped it between the folds of Jongin’s towel earlier that day.

Hey~ ^^ You wanna meet me by the staff hut after my shift ends? It’ll be around 10ish, is that too late? OTL We can do something fun together! \(^ ^)/

“Hey!” Chanyeol calls out, bounding to meet Jongin halfway. “You actually came!”

“Yeah, I said we could be friends, didn’t I?” Jongin replies. “And aren’t we doing ‘something fun’?”

“Yeah, we are! What do you wanna do?”

Jongin doesn’t reply right away. Instead, he grabs Chanyeol’s wrist suddenly and brings him inside the dimly lit staff hut, shutting the door soundly behind them.

“Uh, okay, I guess we can do fun things in here--” Chanyeol starts, but then he’s cut off because Jongin shoves him by the shoulders against the door and presses his lips roughly to Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol gives a muffled sort of gasp out of shock, but reciprocates more on instinct than anything else.

“You said you wanted to do something fun, right? Isn’t this what you meant?” Jongin smirks against Chanyeol’s mouth.

“Um, not really but you know what, this works too, this is fun,” Chanyeol replies breathlessly. He lets Jongin kiss him, lips sliding wetly together. It’s dizzying and all too quick and Jongin seems to really know what he’s doing by the way he moves along Chanyeol’s jawline, sucking at a pressure point on his neck that has him gasping and clutching Jongin’s shoulders as a wave of arousal rolls through him.

Suddenly everything is hot and stifling and Chanyeol feels like they’re both going to die if they don’t remove some clothing soon. He claws at the hem of Jongin’s t-shirt and Jongin gets the idea, smirking as he draws back and pulls the garment over his head, tossing it to the side. Then he’s on Chanyeol again, pushing his tongue into Chanyeol’s mouth and slipping his hands underneath his shirt and pressing a thigh between his legs. Chanyeol’s not usually the submissive type but the way Jongin just seems so confident and in control of everything is so incredibly hot that he gives a small whimper when Jongin rolls his hips insistently into his own. He has a height advantage, but Jongin has a firm hand around his neck, tilting his head downwards forcefully and taking Chanyeol’s lower lip between his teeth.

Soon Chanyeol’s shirt lays discarded on the floor as well, and Chanyeol finds their positions switched, Jongin with his back against the door and Chanyeol before him, but then Jongin is pressing down on his shoulders and pushing him downwards. Chanyeol ends up on his knees, looking up Jongin’s body as the other boy looks down at him with a heated gaze.

Chanyeol lifts his hands and brings them to the elastic waist of Jongin’s basketball shorts. He doesn’t take his eyes off Jongin’s as he pulls them down slowly, not until Jongin’s half-hard cock is springing free, underwear forgone. Jongin runs his fingers through Chanyeol’s hair before resting his hands around the back of his head, pushing it forward slightly. Chanyeol gets the idea and opens his mouth to take the tip of Jongin’s dick between his lips.

“Fuck,” Jongin drawls out as Chanyeol sinks down, head thunking against the thick door he’s leaning on. It’s been a while since Chanyeol’s given a blowjob, but the acquired skills come back to him easily enough with Jongin hot and heavy on his tongue.

“I saw you looking at me, you know. These past two days. Did you like what you saw?” Jongin breathes out. Chanyeol only hums around Jongn’s cock in agreement, which has Jongin hissing in pleasure. His hips buck forward and Chanyeol gags slightly as Jongin’s length finds the back of his throat, but he doesn’t stop him, just tightens his lips and relaxes his throat after a moment, letting Jongin fuck his mouth for a bit. He pushes Chanyeol away suddenly and his dick slips from his lips with a wet pop.

“Fuck,” Jongin says, chest heaving. “Fuck, get up.” He pulls Chanyeol up by the arm and shoves him front-first against the wall to the side, pressing up close behind him. Chanyeol’s only wearing the usual swim trunks he wears everyday and nothing underneath, so his dick, painfully hard at this point, falls free after Jongin pulls down the shorts impatiently. Jongin rustles around for some things in the pockets of his discarded shorts briefly before returning and Chanyeol has a feeling he knows what’s coming.

“C’mon, spread ‘em,” Jongin whispers into his ear and oh god, he was right. There’s a slick finger circling his entrance and he’s only ever bottomed once before, but he does his best to relax as Jongin slips a finger inside his heated entrance.

“Shit,” he hisses between his teeth when Jongin adds another lubed finger and scissors them inside him. The strange discomfort of having fingers lodged in him is starting to fade away into a toe-curling pleasure and Chanyeol does his best to keep himself upright when Jongin adds another finger.

“You good?” Jongin asks. Chanyeol swallows heavily and nods, bracing himself against the wall. He feels Jongin’s fingers draw out from him, only to be replaced by the fleshy head of Jongin’s cock. A long groan sounds from his chest when Jongin pushes past the ring of muscle and fully seats himself inside Chanyeol’s ass.

Chanyeol bites his lips to keep quiet as Jongin begins moving, drawing in and out slowly at first before increasing his speed until he’s fucking Chanyeol mercilessly, pounding into him as the sound of slapping skin reverberates throughout the small hut. Chanyeol feels like if Jongin didn’t have a hand wrapped securely around his waist then his knees would have given out at this point, and the need to come is overwhelming and pressing. He tries to open his mouth to say something, but all the comes out is a ragged moan as Jongin finds that spot inside him that makes his vision go white.

Jongin seems to sense Chanyeol’s need, because he keeps one hand firmly on Chanyeol’s hips, reaching the other one around to grasp at his leaking cock, pumping in time with his thrusts. It’s shortly after that Chanyeol comes, strings of white decorating Jongin’s hand and his own stomach. Jongin’s close behind, and Chanyeol clenches around him purposefully. His pace goes erratic as he reaches his orgasm, letting his head fall back and groaning long and low.

“You’re right,” Jongin says afterwards, handing Chanyeol his shorts back after they’ve cleaned up a bit. “That was something fun.”

“Uh-huh,” Chanyeol nods dumbly, mind still reeling a little bit from the mind blowing sex.

“We should do more fun things together,” the other boy says, slipping his shirt over his head and moving to the door. Chanyeol just nods again and returns the smile he’s given as Jongin leaves, letting the door shut soundly behind him.

It’s not until he’s in the hotel’s elevator, heading back to his room on the second floor, when he discovers a small slip of paper and a card in his pockets when he puts his hands in them absentmindedly. He recognizes the card as one of the hotel’s room key cards, and the slip of paper has a phone number written on it, as well as the words “come visit~ ^^ i’m in rm 448” below. A slow grin spreads over his face as Chanyeol pockets the items again.

The elevator stops at the second floor with a ring, but Chanyeol mashes the ‘close doors’ button as fast as he can before hitting the button for the fourth floor.

A/N: Thank you to M for the beta and to everyone who has to deal with my endless bothering whenever I write any fic. ♥
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