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Welcome to the GUESS WHO POST! For one day/night, and one day/night only, play detective and guess who wrote what in this round of runandgun. Discuss clues and hints and everything else! Reveals will be up tomorrow!

Below the cut is all 65 fics written (without the authors of course). Good Luck!

Day 1: 08 July 2013

你值得真正的快樂 for everyone
Six months before the 2010 Winter Olympics, Lu Han is sent to Vancouver on a forced vacation and learns that he’s not quite as put together as he’d like everyone to think. | gen (lu han/everyone) | 5,000w | pg-13

Limits Approaching Infinity for capturedhear_t
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the mind more troubled. | baekhyun/kris | 3,900w | nc-17

Unfamiliar Territory for zeerafuu
“Sometimes, one change is needed to initiate another change. That summer, the heat thawed our frozen relationship; we were afraid to move forward but if no one had moved at that time we would have both drowned.” | jongdae/joonmyun | 11,500w | pg-13

Metis for hyperlydian
The United Earth Colonial Space Syndicate (UECSS) Metis was just one ship of many launched with the mission of securing resources for humanity. Angst. | sehun/tao | 5,500w | nc-17

I'll Be Peter Pan (and You Just Be Pretty) for feixing
When Joonmyun's parents told him to go out, join a club, make contacts, Joonmyun is pretty sure that they never meant EXO, and they certainly never meant Zitao. Somehow, he can't help himself from getting swept into their world, and he may have gotten in over his head. Secret society AU. | suho/zitao | 23,500w | r

Day 2: 09 July 2013

Ellipsis for bearlyalive
Jongin’s world is made of numbers, until Chanyeol comes in and messes it up. | chanyeol/kai | 6,000w | pg

Under the Pines for floridblush
in which Sehun is an unwitting protagonist and Tao is a fanboy with wanderlust | sehun/tao, baekhyun/kris | 6,200w | pg

give me a star (or stardust, if you will) for seulpeo
When Jongin was a child, he dreamt of dreams; when reality came crashing down on him, he dreamt of revenge; when he began solving crime, he dreamt of justice; now, when he’s with Lu Han, he dreams of love and a happy ending; warnings: murder, suicide, character death, mentions of psychological disorder | kai/lu han | 10,600w | pg-13

Behind Office Doors for specialises
Yixing lands a job at a firm and realises that Yifan, someone special from high school, is his new boss. | kris/lay| 7,500w | nc-17

ice ice baby for foretos
jongin works at an ice cream parlour. sehun is a (initially unwilling) customer. | sehun/kai | 3,500w | g

Got My Heartbeat Runnin’ Away for silchild
Somewhere among the fondant flowers, paste food coloring, and melted chocolate and butter, Sehun finds something sweeter. Somewhere between the marshmallow fluff and the honey, Luhan finds something to love. Warning for actual copious amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. | lu han/sehun | 10,500w | nc-17

Day 3: 10 July 2013

That Splash Of Color for exollent
Sehun is convinced senior year will be the same as the rest of high school until a certain new student - Zitao - catches his eye. Also, Jongin is an idiot. | sehun/zitao | 15,000w | nc-17

Windy City Blues for lababoreine
Prohibition!au. Trust Byun Baekhyun to get them into trouble; warnings: violence, brief domestic violence | baekhyun/chanyeol | 3,300w | nc-17

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy for horse_exobooks
Sehun likes boys, but he loves cowboys. Especially if they’re named Kim Jongin. | kai/sehun | 4,000w | nc-17

Insomnia for donawhalee
AU – Lu Han goes through his days thinking Yixing is made for him. In reality, his moments are just part of a dream. (mention of sexual situations, dream scapes and depression episodes) | lu han-centric | 6,000w | r

91 Lanterns for madelyn93
College!AU. Lu Han is national idol Kris Wu’s biggest fan, and Jongin is just in it for the ride. | jongin/lu han | 8,000w | pg

Day 4: 11 July 2013

Gicleur for personified
The coffee house by the bend, 3 pm: the Project begins. | kai/kyungsoo | 17,000w | pg-13

Prelude and Fugue for stadiumsea
To Huang Zitao, life begins when death says hello. | tao/kris | 8,500w | pg-13

이상한 계절 (Strange Seasons) for hunhamburger
As a child, Sehun loses his soul. As a child, Luhan discovers what dreams in others' minds are like. No longer children, their paths cross and diverge into one. | lu han/sehun | 5,500w | r

Zorbing for underthepines
For Yixing, rainy days were days of nostalgia - days of lazy afternoons spent in that messy attic, of long hours toiling away to the same songs on loop in the practice room, and of every waking moment thinking of Jongin. | kai/lay | 5,500w | pg

Ea$y Money for arodwen
It’s impossible to pay the rent in this economy. | kris/chanyeol | 27,000w | nc-17

Roses are red (and so is your blood on my hands) for perfectiontales
gnossienne: wherein Suho has a hidden corridor of doors, each one more unpleasant than the last when broken open; warnings: violence, dubious consent (implied?), some torture and a gruesome death (light description) | suho/kris, kris/tao | 3,600w | r

Day 5: 12 July 2013

that summer magic for ddankkoma
Jongdae spends most of his on-shift time at Everland amusement park wishing that, as advertised, his dreams would actually come true. | jongdae/joonmyun | 50,100w | 15+

Breathe like the sky, live with a smile for chens
In which, halfway through their senior year, three friends decide to go on a soul-searching trip around South Korea—or at least, Yixing wants to go. Lu Han is simply too easy to convince and Kris doesn’t know how to turn them down. | kris/tao | 9,000w | pg-13

P.C. And B.B.: A Case Study in Equity Theory for starsthatlast
A scientific approach to romance. Based on this prompt: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2ijqoxNvU1qi8lbvo1_500.jpg Note: In psychology, it is convention to use the initials of participants if it is necessary to identify them so as to protect their privacy. | baekhyun/chanyeol | 5,500w | pg

visivae for ribbonsong
Jongin’s future arrives to him in the form of a drunk summer hookup, and he likes to think that this could be love after all. | sehun/lu han/kai | 5,300w | r

Dreamwalker for cloudabovemybed
Somewhere in his dreams, along the quiet shore and the abandoned city, Sehun meets Kai. | kai/sehun | 6,100w | pg-13

Day 6: 13 July 2013

Entropy increases and things fall apart for perfect_key
Jongin had been looking forward to an uneventful freshman year with his best friend Sehun. What he got was Joonmyun. (western high school au) | kai/suho, one-sided sehun/kai | 6,900w | pg-13

Asleep at the Switch for pleaseuu
Harry Potter!AU. After Luhan mistakenly drinks a potion, thinking it was butterbeer, he must pretend to be Jongdae for a month. Jongdae? All Jongdae has to do is catch the snitch that will win Gryffindor the House Cup. | chen/lu han | 4,800w | g

where the stars shine brightest for fatal_fangirl
Kyungsoo tries to find Jongin again, amongst the brokens dreams they had once shared. | jongin/kyungsoo | 9,500w | pg-13

Alright for mebeforeyou
Junmyeon isn’t a bad boyfriend but lies are sometimes easier to live with than the truth. | jongin/junmyeon | 9,000w | pg-13

Savior for chiharu
college!AU. Jongdae’s new tutor might save him from Mandarin, but that doesn’t help save Jongdae from him. | jongdae/zitao | 12,000w | pg-13

haec olim for uberchrome
The sky Sehun is painting is almost blue. | kyungsoo/sehun | 26,500w | nc-17

Day 7: 14 July 2013

Chanyeol Park and the Child of Gaea for hoaegi
Kyungsoo would much rather spend most of his summer elbow deep in the engine of his ’69 Charger than travel across the country to slay a monster, but he's never been very good at denying Chanyeol anything. Percy Jackson AU. (minor violence and mild language) | chanyeol/kyungsoo | 31,000w | pg-15

Broadcast Quality for admortems
In which Baekhyun and Krystal are ultra diva, mega bitches, and Kris is just trying to be a producer (who does not have any digestive problems, thankyouverymuch). | baekhyun/kris | 5,800w | nc-17

Memorandum for tyreling
The curve of your lips rewrite history. Kris learns this the hard way, when he ends up opening his heart to Love, despite telling himself that he’s given up on it a long time ago. | kris/lu han | 20,300w | nc-17

Asking Too Much for yoake_no_sora
Jongin is an idiot, Sehun is awkward, and oh look someone cute just moved in across the street. | lu han/sehun | 5,000w | pg

i'm either gone in an instant (or here til' the bitter end) for euphorias
Jongin travels through alternate universes, only to return back to the same person (even if along the way, he meets new people and has new experiences). | jongin/sehun, baekhyun/jongin, jongin/lu han | 12,000w | r

Day 8: 15 July 2013

there was a boy for bluedveins
The colours are unnerving and out of place but pretty, much like Sehun. warnings: infidelity, social anxiety | lu han/sehun, sehun/kai | 11,200w | nc-17

find me for feiling
When the world lost EXO, Park Chanyeol lost himself | baekhyun/chanyeol | 8,500w | pg-13

Charm Me (but don’t play tricks on me) for natsudive
Kyungsoo really regrets noticing Chanyeol the other day at the lounge, because he finds that he can’t take his eyes off Chanyeol and his chestnut-colored hair. Would his hair be as soft as how he imagines it to be? Kyungsoo may never know. Or will he? (Not-so-HS!AU) | chanyeol/kyungsoo | 20,700w | nc-17

and the stars will tell for everyone
The world has ended and Lu Han’s just another lost boy trying to go home. | lu han/yixing | 5,000w | pg

No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls and Brooms for bulletthestars
Hufflepuff has never won the House cup in all the years Joonmyun's been there and he really wants to change that for his final year. Slytherin has a new seeker from Durmstrang that doesn't like Joonmyun's plan very much. | sehun/suho | 11,700w | g

summerboy for kaihanbitches
King-to-be Junmyeon finds a mute boy in a forest by his family’s estate. Will he prove to be more than just a mysterious stranger? | chen/junmyeon | 5,900w | r

Day 9: 16 July 2013

Olympus Heights for yeolie
When Chanyeol's plane crashes into the sea, he never expected to wake up in a hidden city deep in the belly of the South Pacific Ocean. This is his journey of rediscovering himself, and learning the hard way that nothing is ever as it seems; potential trigger warning: read at your own discretion | baekhyun/chanyeol | 24,000w | pg-13

Timeframes for xiahjour
Tao’s death is an accident, and Jongin has been tasked to avert the situation EVEN if it means reliving March 17th a thousand times over. | tao/kai | 14,000w | nc-17

Afterlife for kimchispaghetti
Life after death is the same as life on Earth, only a bit worse. (Contains themes of suicide but essentially it's a happy fic. Happy suicide fic yep. Loosely based on the movie Wristcutters) | kai/kyungsoo, kris/baekhyun | 5,500w | r

Eonian for yutings
What happens when this game becomes your reality? ; warnings: Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, depression, weak attempts at horror, gore and violence. | suho/tao, lu han/kai | 15,000w | pg-13

These Bright City Lights (They’re Calling You Home) for mapofwords
Luhan learns from a young age that he isn’t exactly what you’d call your average human being. Metropolis is meant to be the end of his abnormality, but destiny seems to have other things in mind, and Kim Minseok is one hell of a catalyst. (Warnings: Slight Violence) | Lu Han/Xiumin | 12,400w | pg-13

Day 10: 17 July 2013

Alone, I had Only to Wish for lunathunderhead
“I felt that I had been happy and that I was happy again. For everything to be consummated, for me to feel less alone, I had only to wish that there be a large crowd of spectators the day of my execution and that they greet me with cries of hate.” – Albert Camus, The Stranger; warnings: alternate reality, angst, (((car accident))) | sehun/kai | 31,100w | nc-17

Peace Treaty for thesockmonster
Prince Yifan has to deal with an unauthorized act of war | kris/kai | 8,000w | r

Obvious and Oblivious for everyone
Oh Sehun inadvertently lets someone fall asleep on his shoulders—and it isn't his Joonmyeon hyung. There is minimal drool involved. | sehun/xiumin | 12,000w | r

Place Your Bets for curledupkitten
What better way to prove the existence of love than the existence of heartbreak? | suho/kai | 4,000w | nc-17

Starring Role for alphatarus
Baekhyun doesn't have a crush. No, really. He doesn't. That is, until he does. Movie!AU | baekhyun/tao | 9,000w | pg-13

i keep runnin' runnin' runnin' for horrours
Going to boarding school in America, Lu Han just wants to forget he's the (adopted!) son of a duke and focus on two things: soccer, and Minseok. That doesn't really work out. | lu han/xiumin | 8,600w | pg-13

Day 11: 18 July 2013

Le Temps d l'Amour for edoriko
Six years and thirty badges later, Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun have finally made it to the top...as camp leaders. | sehun/kai | 3,800w | g

Five Month Hunt for itachibana13
It's not every Saturday afternoon that a group of hotel owners destroys a tea party to steal an awkward twenty-year-old chaebol with raspberry tea staining his tie. But this isn't just any Saturday afternoon — this is Park Chanyeol's fake birthday, and it seems only fitting that he'll spend it having his soul extracted; warnings: (((Violence, potentially disturbing concepts and implied character death.))) | kris-centric (kris/chanyeol) | 7,600w | pg-13

Take Me There for beastlyshine
But it’s almost like Joonmyun is giving Chanyeol a glimpse of his soul, giving Chanyeol a piece of him and Chanyeol is nervous about giving back. He isn’t sure how much he will be able to return. | chanyeol/joonmyun | 63,000w | r

Between the Lines for g_odalisque13
Band!canon. Chanyeol likes girls; Baekhyun likes girls. It’s up to the two of them to read between the lines. | baekhyun/chanyeol | 10,300w | pg-13

Gate 48 for everyone
exo-m miss the last flight back to seoul and have to spend the night at the airport. kris goes mia. xiumin and luhan thinks he’s old enough to take care of himself, chen and tao are sleepy, and lay hears voices. | xiumin/lu han (band fic) | 4,000w | r

Day 12: 19 July 2013

Inexperienced for everyone
Sehun is the actor that can’t deal with RL emotions. Jongin is his director. Baekhyun’s the sassy casting agent. | sehun/kai | 3,500w | nc-17

MISSION {TRUST-ME} for loudestoflove
Kris comes to grips with what it means to be the leader of EXO and reconsiders old bonds. Alternatively, Kris is part of a spy organisation and he wants out. Canon/Spy!AU meld; warnings: violence, use of knives and guns, mentions of lethal injections, death threats and brushes with death (no character death though!), and family secrets. | kris-centric (kris/suho) | 22,500w | pg-15

When You Move Me (Everything is Groovy) for tatoeba
Kris thinks, he may just get used to writing songs just so he can force Yixing to sing them to him. | kris/yixing, sehun/jongin | 9,500w | pg-13

Complications for gollumpanties
Baekhyun goes to Beijing to visit his old college roommate, and doesn’t quite get the vacation he’d come for. (AU, Alternate History, Magic) | baekhyun/chanyeol | 28,300w | r

the trick is to keep breathing for halcyondusk
Reborn! slash MAMA AU, but not really. Lu Han called him Kris, but it was a kind of make-believe name. This was right after he left for Seoul, leaving behind a dead body. | kris-centric, gen | 5,000w | pg-13

(This Just Can’t Be) Summer Love for immorte
Working at an expensive beachside hotel is a complete and utter drag for Chanyeol; maybe Kim Jongin will be the one to change this. | chanyeol/kai | 4,200w | nc-17

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